God’s Commandments

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Why do you think they called God’s Commandments, God’s Commandments? God’s Commandments are rules and guidelines that one must follow when they’re on their spiritual path. Commandments are Universal, not sectioned out for certain someones. We were also given free will to follow or not follow. If we don’t follow we will experience the repercussions.

God’s Commandments are not man’s rules as man’s rules constantly change and are continually are added onto. When God said don’t lie, it meant don’t lie!!

The Masters, Ascended Beings, Cosmic Beings, are quite simple and direct in their approach when they teach the simple teachings of truth. St. Germain came forward for mankind, brought us the Violet flame so we can burn the Karma we’ve accumulated during our centuries of embodiment. Humans have the gift of the feather (Universal truths given from our great creator). It’s in our DNA.

Way deep inside we already know the truth. Such as the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, that are sources created by man that destroy man. The very first destruction humankind did was disobedience to one of God’s laws. Hence what we see in this world today.

Many more are awakening to help teach others to awake so we can one day go back to the original times when everyone honored the great spirits. Those who Ascend continue to teach on the other side in the higher octaves because they’ve been through the human experience of destruction and have fought the good fight to Ascend up, hence making the Ascension. Jesus being one huge example to mankind.

But since we, you and I, know the Bible was written by men, they put in it what they wanted to put in it to control the people of the day. Some are solid truths. Some not. Many are misinterpreted by the one who reads it. And why so many ‘Christians’ have been mis lead. Along the way, we let go and cease whatever destructive habits, fears, anxiety, worry, doubts, stress, and all human desires. Two of those human desires: alcohol and tobacco. They are two of the most dangerous to mankind because it screws with EVERYTHING that is good allowing the sinister force to enter inside the brain messing with the mind. Take a real good hard look at the lives of those who do not drink, do not smoke, have zero tattoos who follow a spiritual path. Ultimately they are the ones to watch and listen to.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Author, Bodyworker, Life & Relationship Coach


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Cosmic Laws and Truths are Universal and aren’t set for a select few. They are ir-respective to all. All the crying and pretending that we, as certain someone’s, somehow can be exempt, is false.

There are groups who think that they are exempt from the Truth’s God has set forth into our world. When a lie is a lie, it is a lie! Lies are based on fact, not on our feelings, what we think or perceive of as a lie. One of the things about feelings is that they can be perceived in numerous ways by the one’s who are listening. Start a story and whisper into the ears of another and that story gets whispered into another’s ears, and then another and another and so on. What started as truth, or possible truth, gets skewed like a donkey who’s been kicked around for a million years, ending up to be just an ass with a lot of bruises.

We can not base our life on the feelings we have about this or that, this person or that person. For feelings are just feelings. Especially when our feelings stem from emotion. Emotions can be a train wreck ready to happen! If you’re going to have feelings and emotions, then have them on the positive side of life. If you need to speak about what is bothering you talk it over with someone you trust and who is able to help put you back together. TRUE friends speak what you may not necessarily want to hear, when said with love and honor towards the other person. It’s what makes a friend a friend. If all your friends did was say pretty words to you, then they’re not really your friends.

As Spiritual Beings inside this human body we reside in, we have the right to stand for how we operate our life and our home. If others argue with you just because of your right to uphold your house rules, then shame on them. It speaks a lot about their character. Not yours. Individuals who argue with you, think your house rules are ridiculous for whatever reason they think they are, have no respect for the one who states their house rule.

Every citizen of every household has their own GOD given right to have in place their own rules. Visitors, (this includes family and friends) who come to spend time with them say, “I honor your space by respecting the rules you apply in your home” is someone who does respect and honor you. If a visitor, friend, family member goes against your house rules when in your home, you as the homeowner have every right to command them to leave. Period. It ain’t about pleasing them by you lowering yourself to amend to their selfishness.


In Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose


Goddess Rose MOVING

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Here at Spiritual and Emotional Healing, Goddess of The Rose is moving her business to a location that is more conducive for her business. As an Author, Life Relationship Coach, Counselor, Mentor, and a licensed massage therapist, her working with individuals and couples will permit a more relaxing and place of peace and serenity for them. Her intention with all these things is that it will start within her clients’ minds a relaxing atmosphere so the mind and heart of one is more open to receive Barbara’s wisdom. There truly is the visual of nature that brings into the minds and bodies relaxation before one even listens to words from the ‘teacher’. Life is a teacher to us. So is the traveling of roads into new places. Within nature is LOVE. Within nature IS peace. Within nature IS serenity.

Miss Rose will be located in lower Delaware in the town of Houston. It is located between Harrington and Milford De. Below is a list of areas and distance from where Spiritual and Emotional Healing will be beginning Sept 22, 2018

Harrington DE 11 min

Frederica DE 16 min

Magnolia DE 24 min

Milton DE 26 min

Camden, DE 27 min

Dover, De 30 min

Lewes beach 40 min

Laurel, DE 40 min

Rehobeth Beach 48 min

Middletown DE 54 min

Salisbury, MD 1 hr

Newark, De 1hr 11 min

Chesapeake City MD 1 hr 11 min

Wilmington De 1hr 15 min

Pike Creek DE 1hr 17 min

Pennsville NJ 1hr 18 min

Hockesin De 1hr 22 min

Philadelphia Airport 1hr 30 min

BWI 1hr 34 min

Aberdeen MD 1 hr 40 min

Washigton DC 1 hr 51 min


Contacting Barbara Anne Rose, Goddess Rose

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I AM going to continue on repeating myself until everyone out there (especially the male population) actually wake up and listen. To actually use the brain that is inside your head and consciously think before you go asking questions regarding my services. I DO NOT TOLERATE dis-respect, dis-honor, foolishness, and immaturity.

I have been working in the touch field for ten years as a massage therapist. In the health and wellness field for over three decades. I know a thing or two about what a True Gentlemen is and one who is not.

As a professional, As a woman, As a licensed massage therapist a True Gentlemen does NOT ask ANY question that is sexual in nature. And never ever in a text. And never ever if you haven’t even seen that therapist before. Why and HOW in God’s name do you respect and treat other professionals such as your dentist, your doctor, hospital staff, etc. or anyone else in the health and wellness industry, yet so many men out there treat massage therapists dis-respectfully by asking questions that are sexual, expecting ‘favors’, or asking for services that are not listed on the therapists’ service page. If it isn’t on their services page then it’s pretty simple. DON’T ASK. I AM quite sure if a therapist were to add additional services he/she will do his/her due diligence and add it to their site.

One last thing. When you call Spiritual and Emotional Healing and you expect to receive any type of session, do both yourself and this business a favor by leaving a message. Barbara Anne Rose does not answer to blocked or unfamiliar calls. Nor does she accept texts from individuals who have not seen her before, when attempting to make an appointment. All first time clients must contact Spiritual and Emotional Healing through one of her contact forms or leave a voice message when calling.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Merging sites

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I am in the process of merging all information onto one site instead of having three. So do look out for Goddess of the Rose and Spiritual healing massage to be gone. Spiritual healing Massage has almost 3 more years yet to go for that domain so that one will be up for the remainder of the domain time. In the meantime look for some minor changes on this site.

The GO TO SITE for everything will be


Love and Light,

Goddess of The Rose

Barbara Anne Rose


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Liberty is a mental state. Freedom is an emotional state. It is a resurrection. Tantra is both liberating and freeing. It can allow you to allow yourself to experience sensations and feelings you have never experienced before. Other worldly. Having this experience by you, for yourself, can be a brand new beginning into oneness with self, oneness with all. How is your mind? How is your heart? Are you moving on about life in a linear fashion? Are you just “sticking with the program?” Or are you ready to embrace all of who you are? Ready and willing to embrace the fears and fears that lay dormant in you are not consciously aware of?

Working on our fears is probably one of the most challenging things we will do on this earth. But it is the most freeing. Being able to get out of self so that we can tap in, tune into our self (Spirit within) will serve us not only in this world, but the world beyond.

I can be of assistance for you to start that path. I am here as a listening guide helping you to move beyond yourself, offering words of wisdom that will give you strength to do the work. Nonetheless, you will be the one doing the work. For all of us are responsible for self.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Coaching = Caring

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Do you have a coach? Are you looking for a coach? A coach can help you get from point A to point B a lot faster than many other means. A coach is someone who genuinely cares for your soul. They are there for you throughout your journey of whatever you desire to accomplish. I have come across several of my massage clients (or who wish to be my massage clients). As I hear them speak and they ask my professional opinion of the type of service they need, and I mention coaching, they shy away from it. I have come to the conclusion many people really do not know what it means to coach someone. They confuse coaching with counseling. And men generally shy away from talking about FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Either because they don’t want to talk about such personal matters or they feel coaching is not what they need. But over and over again it is coaching AND massage they need. Because what they discuss and or want to discuss they want to discuss it in a massage setting. In a massage setting, this is not the time to discuss what’s bothering you on an emotional, spiritual, sensual or spiritual level. Can I help someone emotionally, spiritually, with my touch? Yes, I can. But when they are talking to me about certain matters there is only so much talking that can happen without it disturbing a massage (touch) session. To more fully be able to help another with the issues they bring to me, coaching sessions is the option I have available for them to use. It is a service I offer. I offer it because I have come across hundreds of individuals throughout my time being a massage therapist. It is why I decided to offer coaching and mentorship programs.

What is different with the Coaching and Mentorship Programs I offer is that I integrate the whole person. Clients of mine are not just paying me to listen to them, ask pertinent questions, and be nonjudgmental. What they receive when they use these services from me are also:


An Exercise Program

Nutritional  Guidance

A Caring Person


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


Communication in our Sexual Encounters

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Communicating honestly is the most important thing we can do for our relationships. Many individuals today have trouble communicating their thoughts, their feelings, what’s going on inside the mind. Working with my clients I have seen communication breakdown over and over again. They get tired. They get exhausted when they feel they have to repeat themselves to get their point across. What if we could imagine stepping into the other’s shoes. Even if only a little. We’re then able to get out of ourselves and into somewhat of a state of understanding where the other person is coming from. It’s hard sometimes to get out of our self, our emotional center and into a Spirit centered place. Everything really is a lot easier when we can be directed from Spirit. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe that we are Spiritual beings inside human bodies, then I ask you to think it from whatever place you can that let’s think outside the physical self. If your more comfortable using the word “intuition”, “higher self”, “guides’, go ahead, Use what you are comfortable with.

When it comes to our sexuality, communication it still very important. We need to not be afraid to express what we would like to see happen in our sex lives. Men generally want to please their partner, but if their partner isn’t willing or afraid to communicate what he or she wants, then both parties get left disappointed. However, when we can be open to discussions around our sexuality, what we want, don’t want, or even what we would like to just talk about, then we open the door for further enhancement of the relationship. Weather an idea is acted out isn’t necessarily the means to the communicating, it’s the effects that happen during and after the communication! One of these after effects is a feeling of relaxation; a lift off the shoulders of what’s been going on the inside.

With the services I provide, such as my email and personal development coaching, I can guide you on what to say, what subjects to stay away from, the tone of your voice, body expressions, intentions behind your words, in order to help facilitate a healthy journey into a new sexual life.

view Coaching page

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


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This course reveals that there are essentially two types of orgasm.

Virtually every man and many women have experienced the explosive genital orgasm. Masters and Johnson, the noted sex pioneers, defined this type of orgasm as:

“The sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by an intense sensation of pleasure.”

The explosive genital orgasm is the more common orgasm, but it is ultimately the less fulfilling one.

Apparently, it was the only kind of orgasm that Masters and Johnson, were aware of — and that’s probably the case for you as well!

To purchase click below and you can start today.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Couples Massage Valentines

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Yesterday I and one of my sons were driving down to Bel Air, Md discussing many things Spiritual and Metaphysical. As we were talking a thought appeared in my head, (or perhaps from the depths of my inner being) knowledge. I love it when that happens. It’s an awakening. And oh wow, I get that. And then I ask the question, “Am I the only one that gets that? or Has anyone else figured this out? Duh, it seems so simple now.” I’m saying this to lead you into your own mind to wonder what the hell I’m talking about. Well, since my subject line is couples massage valentines, it’s about couple’s massages.

Have you ever had a couples massage and you and your honey are given massages by two separate people in two different rooms? THAT IS NOT A COUPLES MASSAGE. Thats just two people getting massages at the same time and you happen to be coming in together as a couple. How disappointing is that?! I bet that’s not what you were expecting. Or has this scenario ever happened to you.

You and your honey made an appointment to receive a couple’s massage and you are in the same room, but the therapist wraps you up like a cocoon? And at too far a distance to be close with your partner? Again, I ask, what kind of “Couples” massage is that! Again, it’s just two people in the same room. Probably NO connection with your mate in any way. Two physical bodies in a room being massaged by two separate massage therapists.

I think, and this is what I discussed with my adult son, is that it is important that the couple receive touch by the same therapist. The therapist works on both people at the same time. He (or she) develops and maintains the connection for the couple. The massage therapist creates a sacred space for the couple. It’s not just about having oils or candles to imbue a mood. The therapist’s touch does that. I’ll tell you what. I know I am able to do that. I know my gifts. I acknowledge my gifts. I USE my gifts. In every single session I give to others, no matter the type of massage it is. When I give a couple a massage I am working with THEIR energies. I am using myself that facilitates a mixing, winding, turning of energies within the two beings on the table, with my energy, in the entire room. It turns into an out of body awareness. Or at least a place where the couple feels relaxed, free, and their sensuality as a couple.

When I was in massage school already certified to give massages I was telling the other students I had a couple coming in for a massage. I will never forget it. Some of the students asked, “How are you going to do that? That’s impossible.” They didn’t see it possible for one person to massage two people at the same time. I didn’t care what they thought. I knew I could do it and do it successfully. My thinking was also that it is simpler than they were making it out to be.

I have two massage tables. I have them close together with just enough space for me to be in between. I typically start the massage on the woman’s head, neck, face, around her shoulders and down the back. Then I move to the man doing the same thing. Then I move myself in between the tables and massage both of their arms (the arms closest to me) at the same time. It is quite easy. It doesn’t require thought for me to perform this. I also do their abdomen and legs at the same time. I do as much as I possibly can on BOTH people at the same time. Then I move back and forth from man to woman (or woman to woman) and back into the  middle again near the end of the session connecting them as a couple. Maybe I take the hand of the male and place it in the females shoulder. Maybe I take the woman’s hand and place it on the man’s belly. Maybe I take the hand of the man and the hand of the woman and place both of their hands on my heart, rest for a few seconds and say, “Thank You.” All of this allows a creation, a connection, with the two of them, for the two of them. Massage modality for couples is Esalen. Therefor the draping is different.

If you and your honey are looking for a true Couples Massage fill out this contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

90 minute minimum – Tantric $475

2 hrs – Tantric $550

2.5 hrs – Tantric $625

3 hrs – Tantric $700


I am extending my hours to Sundays for the month of February.

Monday-Friday 9-8

Saturday 9-8

Sunday 9-8


Be Blessed and Stay Humble

Barbara Anne Rose