Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop

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Spiritual Sensual massage intensive weekend workshop August 15-17.


There is still time to sign up for this amazing workshop that will enhance the relationship(s) you have with the your partner and the opposite sex.  

Sexual Intimacy workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance their relationships with their partner(s). In order to have a more loving intimate relationship with our partners we need to first recognize within us what we may be contributing that is potentially affecting our intimate relations. Sexuality and intimacy is more than sexual positions and eroticism.  

The Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop is for anyone who wants to learn in depth on how to perform sensual massages. It is also for anyone who wants to learn on how to receive sensual massages. Being able to give a sensual massage is only half the game. Learning on how to receive one is just as important. This workshop is open to men, women and couples, heterosexual and gay. 


In this workshop you will learn:

The definition of Spiritual Sensual Massage 

How to give a sensual massage using massage strokes

How to touch the face in a non invasive way

How to touch genitals in non invasive way 

Male and female anatomy

How to pleasure the male and female anatomy

Learn about Chakras and why it is important in sensual massage

Learning awareness of self

Learning awareness of nature and how it can direct our path in life

Deal with stored trauma


Some of the ways I will do that are through:




Lessons taken from my book Angel Works 

Mind control exercises that will provide clarity and enhance sexual stamina

Body exercises that will prepare you for the massage

Body exercises for health and stamina 

Giving a spiritual sensual massage to a male and female volunteer

To sign up for this workshop, (in fact any workshop), go through www.thespacebetweenthethorns.com 


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose 



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