Heart Opening

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Have you seen recently on the news about ways to sit and stand to boost your confidence? As I was watching this newsworthy piece of work, I realized all these confident poses were done in a way that shows opening of the heart chakra. When we allow our heart chakra to be open, we are allowing the universe to bring to us heart warming people into our life. As well as opportunities for us to expand ourselves even more. Similar to the way we feel when we smile verses when we frown. It takes more energy to frown (and more muscles) than it does for us to smile. So raise your arms above your head. Turn your hands over so that the palm of your hand is up. Stand straight. Shift your shoulders in an upright position. Raise your head.

What ticks me off is that we “need” a psychologist with a M.D. or Ph.D to confirm this? Or any other “scientific proof” that sitting or standing in such a way is proof we will feel more confident!

Why is it that we humans seem to want or need scientific proof for EVERYTHING! We are smarter than we think. We are not unintelligent pieces of meat that need all of this or all of that crap. Yes, some of it is absolute fucking crap. We dont have knowledge of everything but I believe when it comes to feeling better about ourselves, I would at least like to believe that we KNOW smiling feels better to us in many ways than it does in how we feel when we are frowning. And we know we feel better when we stand straight, hips in line, shoulders up, head up, looking forward. Our eyes are more open. Our ears are more open. All of our sense are more open. We become more aware.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


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