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Here at Spiritual and Emotional Healing, Goddess of The Rose is moving her business to a location that is more conducive for her business. As an Author, Life Relationship Coach, Counselor, Mentor, and a licensed massage therapist, her working with individuals and couples will permit a more relaxing and place of peace and serenity for them. Her intention with all these things is that it will start within her clients’ minds a relaxing atmosphere so the mind and heart of one is more open to receive Barbara’s wisdom. There truly is the visual of nature that brings into the minds and bodies relaxation before one even listens to words from the ‘teacher’. Life is a teacher to us. So is the traveling of roads into new places. Within nature is LOVE. Within nature IS peace. Within nature IS serenity.

Miss Rose will be located in lower Delaware in the town of Houston. It is located between Harrington and Milford De. Below is a list of areas and distance from where Spiritual and Emotional Healing will be beginning Sept 22, 2018

Harrington DE 11 min

Frederica DE 16 min

Magnolia DE 24 min

Milton DE 26 min

Camden, DE 27 min

Dover, De 30 min

Lewes beach 40 min

Laurel, DE 40 min

Rehobeth Beach 48 min

Middletown DE 54 min

Salisbury, MD 1 hr

Newark, De 1hr 11 min

Chesapeake City MD 1 hr 11 min

Wilmington De 1hr 15 min

Pike Creek DE 1hr 17 min

Pennsville NJ 1hr 18 min

Hockesin De 1hr 22 min

Philadelphia Airport 1hr 30 min

BWI 1hr 34 min

Aberdeen MD 1 hr 40 min

Washigton DC 1 hr 51 min


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