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Cosmic Laws and Truths are Universal and aren’t set for a select few. They are ir-respective to all. All the crying and pretending that we, as certain someone’s, somehow can be exempt, is false.

There are groups who think that they are exempt from the Truth’s God has set forth into our world. When a lie is a lie, it is a lie! Lies are based on fact, not on our feelings, what we think or perceive of as a lie. One of the things about feelings is that they can be perceived in numerous ways by the one’s who are listening. Start a story and whisper into the ears of another and that story gets whispered into another’s ears, and then another and another and so on. What started as truth, or possible truth, gets skewed like a donkey who’s been kicked around for a million years, ending up to be just an ass with a lot of bruises.

We can not base our life on the feelings we have about this or that, this person or that person. For feelings are just feelings. Especially when our feelings stem from emotion. Emotions can be a train wreck ready to happen! If you’re going to have feelings and emotions, then have them on the positive side of life. If you need to speak about what is bothering you talk it over with someone you trust and who is able to help put you back together. TRUE friends speak what you may not necessarily want to hear, when said with love and honor towards the other person. It’s what makes a friend a friend. If all your friends did was say pretty words to you, then they’re not really your friends.

As Spiritual Beings inside this human body we reside in, we have the right to stand for how we operate our life and our home. If others argue with you just because of your right to uphold your house rules, then shame on them. It speaks a lot about their character. Not yours. Individuals who argue with you, think your house rules are ridiculous for whatever reason they think they are, have no respect for the one who states their house rule.

Every citizen of every household has their own GOD given right to have in place their own rules. Visitors, (this includes family and friends) who come to spend time with them say, “I honor your space by respecting the rules you apply in your home” is someone who does respect and honor you. If a visitor, friend, family member goes against your house rules when in your home, you as the homeowner have every right to command them to leave. Period. It ain’t about pleasing them by you lowering yourself to amend to their selfishness.


In Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose


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