God’s Commandments

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Why do you think they called God’s Commandments, God’s Commandments? God’s Commandments are rules and guidelines that one must follow when they’re on their spiritual path. Commandments are Universal, not sectioned out for certain someones. We were also given free will to follow or not follow. If we don’t follow we will experience the repercussions.

God’s Commandments are not man’s rules as man’s rules constantly change and are continually are added onto. When God said don’t lie, it meant don’t lie!!

The Masters, Ascended Beings, Cosmic Beings, are quite simple and direct in their approach when they teach the simple teachings of truth. St. Germain came forward for mankind, brought us the Violet flame so we can burn the Karma we’ve accumulated during our centuries of embodiment. Humans have the gift of the feather (Universal truths given from our great creator). It’s in our DNA.

Way deep inside we already know the truth. Such as the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, that are sources created by man that destroy man. The very first destruction humankind did was disobedience to one of God’s laws. Hence what we see in this world today.

Many more are awakening to help teach others to awake so we can one day go back to the original times when everyone honored the great spirits. Those who Ascend continue to teach on the other side in the higher octaves because they’ve been through the human experience of destruction and have fought the good fight to Ascend up, hence making the Ascension. Jesus being one huge example to mankind.

But since we, you and I, know the Bible was written by men, they put in it what they wanted to put in it to control the people of the day. Some are solid truths. Some not. Many are misinterpreted by the one who reads it. And why so many ‘Christians’ have been mis lead. Along the way, we let go and cease whatever destructive habits, fears, anxiety, worry, doubts, stress, and all human desires. Two of those human desires: alcohol and tobacco. They are two of the most dangerous to mankind because it screws with EVERYTHING that is good allowing the sinister force to enter inside the brain messing with the mind. Take a real good hard look at the lives of those who do not drink, do not smoke, have zero tattoos who follow a spiritual path. Ultimately they are the ones to watch and listen to.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Author, Bodyworker, Life & Relationship Coach

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