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Intensive Weekend Workshops coming!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Intensive weekend workshops for men, women and couples

You will learn how to better engage with the opposite sex.

You will learn how to give Spiritual sensual massages.

You will learn about chakras and how they affect your thinking, your decisions.

You will learn how to help yourself overcome pain and trauma from life experiences.

You will gain knowledge and understanding why you do what you do, and why your partner does what they do.

All workshop fees cover room and board. View The Space Between the Thorns

In Love and Light

Author Barbara Anne Rose




Past Hurts/Pains/Trials/Abuse

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I recently heard from a friend his reasoning for not dealing with past issues that he clearly knows trouble him today and have been for a long time. This “stuff” he has stems from how he was taught/raised in dealing with emotions/feelings stuffing them down; stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. He wanted to say “It’s just a man thing.” Personally, I do know many men who are not afraid to voice their feelings. As we conversed what I heard was continual blame on this past, using it as an excuse. That he might as well just keep being the way he is. It is so ingrained into his being he doesn’t know how to act any differently yet he recognizes a change would be valuable to his life. He asked how do I do this? My first recommendation was to talk to someone he trusts. Someone he feels he knows would value his word. He can start off with explaining himself before explaining his past condition that has been interfering with his present life. I also let him know I am a safe person for him if he chooses to talk more in depth.

The first thing any of us can do is recognize our “stuff”. Once we recognize it then it is our duty and obligation to self to act upon it. To DO SOMETHING! His life will remain the same if no action is taken. I used my life as an example explaining that if I still held hate and did not forgive my ex-husband or father I would not be where I am now. My spirit would not be free. I would not have love growing inside me for ME right now. I would not have love inside of me to give others so freely now. I have come a long way. I have faith. I believe in myself. I move over above and through my own stuff. I have a healer teacher that speaks to me about things. When he speaks it pushes me to DO for my life because I know anything I do to help myself will only be valuable to myself, my life, my family, my clients, and anyone that enters my space. Change will never be comfortable.

If we are not changing and growing with True Love for others and ourselves every year this is called settling.  Do not settle for mediocrity! Do not settle to stay the same. Do not settle by staying in the past. Do not settle allowing yourself to be ruled by your past no matter who raised you, what negative influences were placed upon you. Get up! Be strong! Be a man! Be a woman! BE SPIRITUALLY FREE. You choose to be spiritually free or you choose to spiritually dead. What road are you traveling? What road do you want to travel? Are you willing and able to get out of yourself so you can find yourself?!  When will you get off the fence?!

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose

Love & Honor

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Forgive yourself anytime you are afraid. Surrender and faith are the keys to Heaven. Fear will never get you there. Anytime you feel stuck, not sure what to do, what to say, what not to do, take a moment to sit quietly with yourself. Weather this is in a special room, a special chair, a relaxing bath, go inside and ask the divine in you to present an answer. Relax in the moment. Allow and let your spirit speak. The left logical brain may interfere with spirit. When you feel this happening settle back in your spirit. I know it may be a struggle sometimes but don’t give up. Keep at it. Your Spirit resides in the center of you, your solar plexus. Sometimes it may feel contradictory to the mind/body because of logical thinking.

There are so many people that stay in unhealthy, destructive homes/relationships for whatever reason (mostly children) thinking your helping your family by staying in a relationship that ends up tearing away from yourself. Do not sacrifice your souls longing for what you think is more healthy for your children. I was scared as hell and yes my soul was dying a little over the course of these years. Seven times is the average attempts for a woman to leave a destructive relationship. We often marry for the wrong reason. I never let my husband rule my Spirit! I always stood strong to that. What I am saying, is that your children can and will thrive, strive and survive more in a loving healthy Spiritual surrounding. I know for a fact all of my children are better off now being divorced. It is unnatural to stay in a marriage if your soul is being ripped apart. Love YOU enough to get out of unhealthy relationships. If your desire is for it to work, or at least attempt to want it to work, then get therapy. (Please I am not a professional marriage sex educator-don’t ask me for that kind of help-that’s beyond my limits. You can incorporate both-me and therapy)

You are worthy to be happy in ALL areas of your life. Yes, it takes balls to speak up and say “I’m Done. I’ve been in pain for years. I just can’t do this anymore. I want out.” I am not advocating divorce. I am advocating following your passion, following your Spirit. I remember clearly when I going through counseling and weekly prayer group the more I followed God, my higher power, the more I grew spiritually gaining spiritual independence, the further away my marriage went. Growing up Catholic I didn’t understand that and was confused.

I remember a night driving home from prayer group asking God, “Why God, why is it that as I grow closer to you my marriage grows further apart?” I grew up believing once your married you stay married to the same person forever no matter what. After everything, I realized my purpose being with this certain man was to have my three children come forth. I wouldn’t be where I am now. A successful woman making it on my own with no help from man. I am independent and proud of how far I have come. So sweet women and men, if you genuinely feel deep within your spiritual being the time is up for a certain relationship then follow spirit. There is no reason to force yourself to stay in pain. Go where you know you are loved. Love YOU. Forgive YOU. I Love You. I forgive You. I am here always my dear beloved. Surrender to the Divine.

In Light & Love

Goddess Rose