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Hay House I CAN DO IT Pasadena, Ca

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

I will be in Pasadena Ca November 8-10 promoting my book hosting a book signing. Angel Works is my first self published book. It has been a little over one year and I will be off to California before I know. I am very excited about this event. Visit site below to learn about the Convention center where this is held. Don’t forget to check out  Angel Works on Balboa Press also. Sold world wide in all English speaking languages. It is a multi-genre book. A inspirational, motivational self help book. Most everyone in this day and age has been through a traumatic experience. Some more so than others but we have all experienced loss, pain, turmoil of some kind. Angel Works can help anyone who is open to helping themselves become a better man, a better woman, a better person. I wrote Angel Works to help inspire others to dream big, to not give up, to know you are worthy and can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Thank you everyone who has bought and read my book, or has given to a friend as a gift. It is much appreciated.

The Pasadena Convention Centerwww.pasadenacenter.comWith an enviable Southern California location, an unparalleled commitment to superior service and a $150 million expansion now complete, the Pasadena Convention Center is the ideal spot for meetings and events

In Love and Light

Author Barbara Anne Rose

Book Reading

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

I will be at the Centre for Vibrant Living in Kennett Square Pa today from 1-4 for their open house giving a 15 minute reading of my first book Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment. Open for question answer afterwards.

331 East State St
Kennet Square Pa

See link
Centre For Vibrant Living

In Love and Light
Barbara Anne Rose

Hay House FREE On Demand Show

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Hello Everyone,
My first Live Online Hay House Show is now available as a FREE download until July 31 st. August 1st it is available for as little as $9.95. Here is the link. It is a one hour show.

Hay House On Demand Show

Description of show

This Online Event is to help you become more aware of the Spirit being within you. It will help you find out what your Spiritual gift is. Everyone has one. When we find out what our spiritual gift is we can then use it to help ourselves in our daily walk. It will help you make better decisions in all parts of your life. This Online Event will help you discover new ways at looking at things, from the biggest to the smallest. It will help you enjoy your life more abundantly with happiness and vigor everyday. We will talk about Spiritual gifts. What they are. Where they come from. What is yours? In order to help you find out what yours is, I will give you some examples of mine and how I have used my spiritual gift to better myself, overcome obstacles and believe in reaching higher to all the dreams I had and still have inside of me.
My book, Angel Works: Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment, is the story about my life. Of how I persevered through many difficult times such as sexual abuse perpetrated by my father and the many forms of abuse perpetrated by my ex husband. It is a story of love, faith, determination and conviction.

We will also be discussing out of body experiences, dreams, meditation, paranormal activity as these are all ways our spiritual gift may show itself. Throughout the course of my forty-seven years I have had many of these types of experiences. Sharing with you my experiences I hope to inspire you to being more aware of everything around you and within you. Everything I give to you will always come from a passionate heart, willing and able, in truth and love.

In Love and Light
Barbara Anne Rose

Hay House Live Show

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

I now have my link to my first Live Online Show that aired on May 20th. It will be free to download until July 31st. After that date it will be on sale for $9.95.

Hay House On Demand Show


Thank You so much everyone. Please feel free to pass around.

In Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose


Book Review

Monday, April 29th, 2013


I would like to clarify some things. I recently had a review of my book by the Advice Sisters and although I do appreciate her personal and professional advice I feel I must clarify the difference between Spiritual and religious.

First I need to correct the Advice Sisters. Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment, was published in August of 2012 NOT 2013 as stated in their site.

Secondly I will say I am not a religious person who follows any particular religion. I refuse to smack a label onto me or put myself in a religious box. Being a Spiritual person who happens to believe in Jesus Christ does not make me religious or “Christian.” Jesus Christ is one person who taught others on how to love and forgive. So did the Budha and Krishna and mother Teresa and the Dhali Lama. I believe in Love and forgiving others, everyone, just as so many other great teachers have taught.

Another point I feel I need to add is that the mere fact I mention Jesus’s name, does not necessarily give my book the indication that it leads a reader to presume it’s all about christianity. There are many “Christians” who wont even acknowledge dark angels, reincarnation or out of body experiences. I offer many out of ordinary ways of thinking. I offer advice to my readers to help them in better understanding themselves and hopefully enough so that they will make a conscience choice in changing their lives for the better. Universal Truths aren’t a religious thing. Universal Truths are Spiritual Truths all around the world. Universal Truths aren’t attached to any religious group.

And so I say Selah Selah

In Much Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose


Angel Works Hay House Radio Interview

Thursday, November 29th, 2012


My Hay House radio interview will be airing for the first time this Friday at 1pmPT/4pmET and will be replayed for the month of December. The show is called Bright, New Voices: The Balboa Press Hour and here is a link for you to check it out.

Hay House has a huge global audience and our site receives over 2 million hits a month. Pass it along. 


In Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of the Rose


Mind Body Spirit Expo

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Mind Body Spirit Expo is in two days!

I will be in Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field SCA Club Nov 2-4 Booth A135. Click on YouTube video on any one of pages in this site.

Suite 39 6pm Friday night Nov 2 I am giving a Free Lecture Titled: Knowing Your Spirit Within

Offering Purchase of following:

My book “Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment”


White Sage-helps in superficial cleansing negative energies

Sweet grass-Invites loving Spirits to protect you

I welcome you to pass this information along and would love to meet you!


Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose