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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If you died today what would you do? How would you be? How is it that you would treat yourself and others? None of us know when that time will come but we all know it will come! Where is the focus of your energy spent? Are you loving? Are you really loving with all of who you are? If not, why? Fear of showing emotions feelings? Thoughts of what others may think of you? Are you allowing ego to get in the way?

There are always so many questions we can ask our self to find out where we are in our life, why we do what we do. Why we don’t do what we do, I believe, is even more of a question we must ask our selves. Most of the time it’s what we are not doing verses what we are doing. In order to find all the answers to your questions about yourself with the way you think and are, is to go inside yourself; to your spirit for that is where the answers lye. A place inside of you where only love exists.  Don’t procrastinate! You can save yourself. You can live as an enlightened being or you can not. The choice is yours. If you so willingly choose a state of enlightenment there will be choices for you to make in order for you to change. Yes, change is required. Change from a state of what we have been so used to all of our lives of mis beliefs and even out right lies. Building Spiritual strength takes time. It takes loving you throughout it all. Throughout the times when you make mistakes, not purposefully but because of what you have been so used to for so long. 

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose

Lies & Spiritual Truth

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We all have come across people who have lied to us. Times we even have lied or hid truth. Lying does not serve you or the one you lied too. It is never a service. It doesn’t help you or the other in the lacking of misinformation. I believe the majority of people already know this. So why do people continue on lying or pretending? To cover themselves ? To make them look good? To appear as someone they are not? The damage is not only to the one you lied to,  but to all those that have contact with the person the lie has been given to. I speak from a spiritual energy level. It is very difficult for some to understand and comprehend this. The most damage that has been done is to your own mind, body and soul. Each and every time there is a lie or a secret(s), it is a welcoming of a long slow spiritual death. This causes more inner turmoil. Deeper and deeper getting out by doing so called “good deeds” as if that will make up for the lies and misrepresentations willingly chosen that has been energetically projected to others. Every act and thought  has a consequence. We either make decisions from a divine state or we make them from a physical state. We can not make decisions in both worlds at the same time. It is always in one or the other. Tearing away from our spirit, ripping it apart. To care  about yourself and those around requires humbling yourself and if able to, to the one that was hurt asking for forgiveness. Forgive yourself first. That is the beginning.

The goal I hope you shall seek is one of honesty.  Back to basics. Truth is simple, comes from your white light. Lies come from the dark side. It is a dark decision. Do you understand the two sides? It is not one of duality. It is a unique choice: our free will. It is a blessing to choose your free will by speaking truth, being truthful. Serving, loving, and caring to all of those you come in contact with. We do not know the person behind their eyes. You do not know the pain they have lived. You do not know who anyone is until you start to learn who you really are and what you really are is a divine being within a physical body. You were born perfect. Parents, society, religion, government and your own contributions are the mess ups. Be careful not to condemn for that comes from the dark side. Life is about lessons learned. Don’t condemn the lessons. Just forgive yourself.  Start where you are right now in the present for you can not change your past nor can you control your future. Live life in the now loving and caring and above all speak truth.

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose


Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Hello All

Some of you know that my father passed before the end of the year, December 21st, 2010. Bear with me as I have a story I would like to share with you. I hope I will give you comfort and understanding as it comes to death from this physical body. Some people know some of the history of me with my father; the discord I had growing up.

I’m going to start with the day he came home from the hospital to receive Hospice Care. It was on a Friday. I had asked for a sign from above the Tuesday before to direct me on what to do as I had turmoil inside of me. The answer came telling me, “Focus on you right now, not this other person you have in your life that you “think” you need. He can not, nor is it his job to comfort you. Go to your father and love him. Tell him you love him. Give him peace. Love him with your mind, body, heart and spirit.

Whenever I receive promptings from Spirit I follow through because I know it is all for the good and healing for me. Its possible I could be helping him forgive himself. So I went to see my father. I made sure to see him every day until his passing.

On the second night, a Saturday night, when I saw my father, I leaned towards his face, my hands on his and sent energy of love. During this time I strongly felt the presence of an angel over us feeling what took up the whole room. Such beauty. Such a feeling of ultimate love and peace you can not know unless you have experienced angels yourself.

The third evening as I lay on the couch in my mom’s living room (My dad was in another room) I felt energy from my father leave his body. Hard to describe but I felt it. I felt a sensation from my heart and stomach and then it moved up into my head as i shed a tear. I was like “Whoa his energy moved.”

When I visited him on Sunday touching him with love I whispered in his ear, “Go in peace dad. You can come talk to me anytime. We can have long conversations whenever we want.” I know he hears me. They can always hear and see more than you think they can. Just because they may not be able to hear and see with the physical senses their inner being does.

When I visited him Monday I wasn’t really with him too much but I did notice he was dehydrating. My mom commented that he’s frowning because she could see the wrinkles in his forehead were more visible. I said “Mom, he’s dehydrating.” That was hard for her to take as I saw the expression on her face. I shed many tears. The tears weren’t because he was dying, but that I could feel his life force leave. I wanted my lover to take away the pain. But I knew I needed to go through this myself. Feel the feelings. Acknowledge them. Face them. Get through them. When I got home and went to bed, during the night I felt again spirit move. This time all the way out and I felt the peace and freedom of his spirit being out. I felt free and peace as he felt this freedom and peace. It was quite amazing. I had a better understanding of a body passing

Tuesday morning i received news of his passing from my brother in law. Services were December 29th, 2010.


Angel Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of Love and Light