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Couples Massage Valentines

Monday, February 8th, 2016



Yesterday I and one of my sons were driving down to Bel Air, Md discussing many things Spiritual and Metaphysical. As we were talking a thought appeared in my head, (or perhaps from the depths of my inner being) knowledge. I love it when that happens. It’s an awakening. And oh wow, I get that. And then I ask the question, “Am I the only one that gets that? or Has anyone else figured this out? Duh, it seems so simple now.” I’m saying this to lead you into your own mind to wonder what the hell I’m talking about. Well, since my subject line is couples massage valentines, it’s about couple’s massages.

Have you ever had a couples massage and you and your honey are given massages by two separate people in two different rooms? THAT IS NOT A COUPLES MASSAGE. Thats just two people getting massages at the same time and you happen to be coming in together as a couple. How disappointing is that?! I bet that’s not what you were expecting. Or has this scenario ever happened to you.

You and your honey made an appointment to receive a couple’s massage and you are in the same room, but the therapist wraps you up like a cocoon? And at too far a distance to be close with your partner? Again, I ask, what kind of “Couples” massage is that! Again, it’s just two people in the same room. Probably NO connection with your mate in any way. Two physical bodies in a room being massaged by two separate massage therapists.

I think, and this is what I discussed with my adult son, is that it is important that the couple receive touch by the same therapist. The therapist works on both people at the same time. He (or she) develops and maintains the connection for the couple. The massage therapist creates a sacred space for the couple. It’s not just about having oils or candles to imbue a mood. The therapist’s touch does that. I’ll tell you what. I know I am able to do that. I know my gifts. I acknowledge my gifts. I USE my gifts. In every single session I give to others, no matter the type of massage it is. When I give a couple a massage I am working with THEIR energies. I am using myself that facilitates a mixing, winding, turning of energies within the two beings on the table, with my energy, in the entire room. It turns into an out of body awareness. Or at least a place where the couple feels relaxed, free, and their sensuality as a couple.

When I was in massage school already certified to give massages I was telling the other students I had a couple coming in for a massage. I will never forget it. Some of the students asked, “How are you going to do that? That’s impossible.” They didn’t see it possible for one person to massage two people at the same time. I didn’t care what they thought. I knew I could do it and do it successfully. My thinking was also that it is simpler than they were making it out to be.

I have two massage tables. I have them close together with just enough space for me to be in between. I typically start the massage on the woman’s head, neck, face, around her shoulders and down the back. Then I move to the man doing the same thing. Then I move myself in between the tables and massage both of their arms (the arms closest to me) at the same time. It is quite easy. It doesn’t require thought for me to perform this. I also do their abdomen and legs at the same time. I do as much as I possibly can on BOTH people at the same time. Then I move back and forth from man to woman (or woman to woman) and back into the  middle again near the end of the session connecting them as a couple. Maybe I take the hand of the male and place it in the females shoulder. Maybe I take the woman’s hand and place it on the man’s belly. Maybe I take the hand of the man and the hand of the woman and place both of their hands on my heart, rest for a few seconds and say, “Thank You.” All of this allows a creation, a connection, with the two of them, for the two of them. Massage modality for couples is Esalen. Therefor the draping is different.

If you and your honey are looking for a true Couples Massage fill out this contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

90 minute minimum – Tantric $475

2 hrs – Tantric $550

2.5 hrs – Tantric $625

3 hrs – Tantric $700


I am extending my hours to Sundays for the month of February.

Monday-Friday 9-8

Saturday 9-8

Sunday 9-8


Be Blessed and Stay Humble

Barbara Anne Rose

Donate and help me give FREE services to disabled veterans

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

I am asking, no I am pleading for your time to read this and then to donate whatever you can, so I can offer my massage services for free to disabled veterans!!

I have always had a huge heart to people who go through great suffering. I am deeply grateful I have the life I do. My heart deeply feels burdened for veterans who have lost limbs, have suffered deep wounds from being burned, loss of sight or hearing, paralysis, suffering from PTSD. I work everyday to help others who want and need my healing touch. For some I know I am their last resort. Many search all over the Internet looking for just the right therapist for their conditions, issues, someone to talk to who is able to see them for who they are, allowing them to safe and comfortable to recieve a session from me. Weather that session is a massage service, a coaching session, some spiritual guidance or counseling, I’m there for them. I provide an all around mixture of physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual healing. I NEED to be so successful that I can freely give severely disabled veterans a chance for recovery. Your donations will help. Please consider sending. Even if it is $5, $10, $20, $100, or $1,000, I give you my word, it will go towards helping a disabled veteran receive a free service.

To donate use the Pay Pal Donate button on this site 

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose


Book Review

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

From Volney Steffire a FB friend reader


Dr. David Hawkins used to talk about a Level of Consciousness (LOC) scale. The written word could be measured using this scale. The first thing that I noticed about Barbara Anne Rose’s words was that they were vibrating at a very high frequency.

The frequency of written words comes from the frequency of the writer of the words, the intention at the time of the writing and the words themselves.

These words seemed to have been written by a radiant Goddess with a very loving intention. The level of vibration was palpable. One could meditate with these words.

The book has three layers. On one layer it is the author’s personal path of growth and healing. She discovers her voice and then her power. It will be an empowering story for some and a gratifying story for others on those terms. For those details buy the book. That is her story.

On another layer the book is about understanding one’s connection with the divine, both the divine within and the divine all around us. The author does a good job of explaining how religious beliefs and direct divine connection can be reconciled as being two aspects of the same thing. In her case her definition of the divine comes her Roman Catholic upbringing but her sense of connection comes from “the Spirit” within her and Spirit as another name for God.

I personally relate to mixing Roman Catholic terms with a non-dualist view of the divine. I first learned healing from an Ex-Roman Catholic Priest (Ron Roth) turned teacher of hands on healer. We referred to the Holy Spirit and asked the Holy Spirit to join with us. Another one of the many semantics for the divine both within us and all around us.

If one is comfortable with the non-dualist view that we can connect with “Spirit” and that we have a piece of Spirit within us and there are “Angels” around us maybe in human form or maybe in the hearts of others then the third layer of the book is very interesting. How do you really know what thoughts, desires or needs come from the physical, selfish self versus what comes from divinity?

On the surface this seems like it would be very easy to tell. Anything bad for someone else for no reason is not divine. How about good for someone else but not for you? There is a range of nuances covered.

Most healers that I know are sometimes double-checking whether what they feel is the right thing to do. Is it from the divine or not? Does this serve the client? But what if it does not serve me? Am I really channeling right now?

Barbara gets into these questions. Although the book is applicable to anyone comfortable with the non-dualist view of the divine, there is also a bit of a healthy, healer, heal thyself aspect. She shares a few of her mistakes as healer that occurred when she got confused as to the source of the insight.

I do have a couple of very loving words for the author. Barbara, I heard your voice. Thank you for sharing your truth, experience and wisdom so fearlessly Goddess.


Current clients

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Hello my dear clients friends and soon to be clients. For my current clients when contacting me you may do so in several ways, through email, phone call or text. If you do text me please also call me as there have been instances texts are not coming through. It seemed to be only with people who also owned an IPhone but I have asked a few individuals to send me a text and I did receive them. However one of my clients today reached out for a session through text and then called me asking me if I received his text. I did not.

So just letting others be aware to not rely solely on text messages when reaching out to me.

Thank you so much.
Barbara Anne Rose
Goddess of The Rose

Mind Body Spirit Expo

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Mind Body Spirit Expo is in two days!

I will be in Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field SCA Club Nov 2-4 Booth A135. Click on YouTube video on any one of pages in this site.

Suite 39 6pm Friday night Nov 2 I am giving a Free Lecture Titled: Knowing Your Spirit Within

Offering Purchase of following:

My book “Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment”


White Sage-helps in superficial cleansing negative energies

Sweet grass-Invites loving Spirits to protect you

I welcome you to pass this information along and would love to meet you!


Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose

Holes in Hopes

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Have you thought to consider that all a hope is is a hole in your heart? Hopes don’t serve you. Living serves you. All a hope is is an expectation. You hope for something to happen, for someone to show up?! Don’t hope. DO! The dreams you have inside are for you TO DO something with them. Live them. Be them.

Til Next Time

In Love and Light

Goddess of The Rose

Good Tuesday

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


What a glorious blessed day. Make sure you count your blessings for today. Listen to happy music! Dance! Laugh! Live! Love! I AM. I AM LOVE. I AM PEACE. I AM JOY. I KNOW I am all this on the inside. Some may view me as something I am not but my concern is not on what others think of me for I can not control what others do, say or think about me. I can love you but I don’t need to necessarily keep you in my close vicinity. I can love individuals a zillion miles away with my heart and spirit. You can love people in your circle and out of your circle. There are some people we must keep out of our circle. Keeping individuals out of your circle does not mean you don’t love them. Often it can mean you DO love them.

Trust and Surrender to the Divine in You

Trust and Surrender to THE DIVINE-the essence of Love

Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel

I Love All of you so

Your Light is the Light to Surrender to

Only you Angel is what I need

No man can fill the Love that you are

All Light All Love All Encompassing

Sweet Nectar of Angel Medicine

Heals all wounds

Heals all trauma


Submit now

Angels are made of pure vibrant light

Nothing else

No armour

No shields

No swords

No nothing

Only Light

Can you see?

Do you hear?

You can not see because their light is blinding to the human eye


I know I am doing the work required of me to do Spirits need me to do.

In Love and Light
Goddess Rose


American Cancer Society

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Event for the American Cancer Society this Friday! Black Tie event. Dress, shoes and clutch bought. Updo Friday. I am looking forward to meeting many interesting and intriguing people. Is anyone coming out to meet me, join me in this wonderful time.

Goddess Rose

Gratitude Surrendering

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I ask everyone who reads this to do your utmost best to never show negative or unhappy. I find it very important to not just be grateful but to show gratefulness for what you do have in the here and now. It is important to your mind, body, soul and spirit to live your life as a model of happiness, to leave wrong and blame at the door. We can not do or say anything to control another. Everything is information. Even when another says something to you or does something to you that feels ‘unpleasant’. It is our job and our job only to be our best in every situation, in every day, with all we meet and all we pass throughout our lives. Love, forgive, move beyond yourself. I would rather be spiritually intelligent than any other form of intelligence. Spirit rules me in my home and in every place I go because spirit lives inside of me at all times.

What a precious gift. To truly Surrender is to surrender 100%. It is the only way. You can not surrender 90%. It is either a true surrender or it is not. Some are able to do this, this some are not.  For those who are able to surrender I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes a HUGE impact on you being able to receive what I give to you in your sessions.

Tears and pain are always our own doing. Angels never cause us pain, only joy and enlightenment for those who show up with gratitude and an open mind and heart. Your gratitude frequency is directly related to your faith frequency. 

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose


Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Hello All,

It has been awhile since I have last posted. I am finished first book, onto the editing process with publishing company. Started my next two books. They deal with men and women, relationships, sexuality, sensuality, spirituality. I have put together a mens survey. Need minimum 1000 men to partake in it. All information is confidential; no names necessary. I have talked to some and they agree this survey I am doing is something that has never been done before. I know there are countless articles and books on relationships and sexuality but I believe with the way I am going about this, it  is different and deeper than has been taken in the past. If ANY man has interest in being part of survey let me know.

I am working on how to best use Internet sources to keep everything guarded and safe with information confidential. I have set up a personal email account associated only for this survey

All information is used to gather information for the purpose of book on men.

Goddess Rose