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Good Tuesday

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


What a glorious blessed day. Make sure you count your blessings for today. Listen to happy music! Dance! Laugh! Live! Love! I AM. I AM LOVE. I AM PEACE. I AM JOY. I KNOW I am all this on the inside. Some may view me as something I am not but my concern is not on what others think of me for I can not control what others do, say or think about me. I can love you but I don’t need to necessarily keep you in my close vicinity. I can love individuals a zillion miles away with my heart and spirit. You can love people in your circle and out of your circle. There are some people we must keep out of our circle. Keeping individuals out of your circle does not mean you don’t love them. Often it can mean you DO love them.

Trust and Surrender to the Divine in You

Trust and Surrender to THE DIVINE-the essence of Love

Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel

I Love All of you so

Your Light is the Light to Surrender to

Only you Angel is what I need

No man can fill the Love that you are

All Light All Love All Encompassing

Sweet Nectar of Angel Medicine

Heals all wounds

Heals all trauma


Submit now

Angels are made of pure vibrant light

Nothing else

No armour

No shields

No swords

No nothing

Only Light

Can you see?

Do you hear?

You can not see because their light is blinding to the human eye


I know I am doing the work required of me to do Spirits need me to do.

In Love and Light
Goddess Rose


Gratitude Surrendering

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I ask everyone who reads this to do your utmost best to never show negative or unhappy. I find it very important to not just be grateful but to show gratefulness for what you do have in the here and now. It is important to your mind, body, soul and spirit to live your life as a model of happiness, to leave wrong and blame at the door. We can not do or say anything to control another. Everything is information. Even when another says something to you or does something to you that feels ‘unpleasant’. It is our job and our job only to be our best in every situation, in every day, with all we meet and all we pass throughout our lives. Love, forgive, move beyond yourself. I would rather be spiritually intelligent than any other form of intelligence. Spirit rules me in my home and in every place I go because spirit lives inside of me at all times.

What a precious gift. To truly Surrender is to surrender 100%. It is the only way. You can not surrender 90%. It is either a true surrender or it is not. Some are able to do this, this some are not.  For those who are able to surrender I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes a HUGE impact on you being able to receive what I give to you in your sessions.

Tears and pain are always our own doing. Angels never cause us pain, only joy and enlightenment for those who show up with gratitude and an open mind and heart. Your gratitude frequency is directly related to your faith frequency. 

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose

Thankfullness Gratitude

Friday, April 20th, 2012

I am sure many of us believe we give gratitude and thankfulness everyday but do we really do this? How do we do this? What actions are we taking? Is it coming from our mind, our body, our heart or our spirit? Our spirit and heart are not words to intertwine. They are not one in the same. Is it our minds we see from when we express our gratitude? Are we lead from our spirit when we express gratitude? Every single one of us has fallen from grace at times in our lives. No one is exempt from this. Some think we are perfect. Some think we are not perfect. Some think so many different things when it comes to spirit. There are times we think we know nothing and times we think we know everything. We are all and nothing at the same time. There are times we take for granted we even have legs to walk with, two hands to eat with, fingers to use to open a jar of peanut butter, eyes to see, ears to hear, lips to speak and not speak. This is why there are times when you see me I am more silent or more talkative than other times. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. There are times it may appear as if I am having a difficult time. Not difficult, just times of me in such humble gratitude all I decide to choose to do, is embrace the spirit.

We must consistently, consciously take action every day to give thanks to the spirits that are here to help guide us along our path. But we get in our own way. We want to do things our way, when we want, what we want, however we want; often times with no concern for others. Sports, TV, anything outside of us we are constantly going to for release of something that only can be released from within when we use our spirit. Spirit inside of me cries tears of joy when I work from my spirit, allowing my spirit to rule my mind, my heart, my body. Life is about learning lessons, not condemning ourselves or others. It is a spiritual duty to love and forgive ourselves and others no matter what.

There is never enough gratefulness that we can offer to spirit. It is always needed, always appreciated. They ARE love all the time for all time. We can not humanly fathom the love Angels and Spirit has for us. People put down singers, actors, musicians, the elderly, children or anyone that looks different from us. Quick to judge. We are judging every day, in ways we do not even realize because we often don’t take the time to stop and look inside as to just what in the world are we doing as people, as a human race. This world will come to an end at some point in time. The only world we live in is this one. This is planet Earth. We are tiny fragments of spirits living inside little bodies. Our spirits can be huge drawing onto the magnificence of all the beauty and love Angels have for us once we surrender and have faith.

Humans are controlled by their own greed and hoarding of money, of possessions, holding on so tight they fear of letting go, of surrendering, of releasing all cares to the divine in order for the divine to bless us. This life we have starts and ends with us. Wake up world. Today is a new day. Start fresh. Start now.

Love Accepted

Monday, September 26th, 2011

To all of my beautiful dear friends and clients if anyone has a heart felt need to donate to my wonderful friend he is in need of assistance. Your loving kindness will go beyond what you could imagine. The drum I use on you during any Goddess session is made by this in individual.  Sacred medicine is within all that he makes; which is done purely by hand.

The site to make your Love  offering is:

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose