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We are all Flowers

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Excerpt taken from my Preface. A story of this flower I mention in my book page xv

Imagine this: We are all flowers. The flower knows everything it needs to know in order to fully flourish at its peak. The flower knows all of its petals. The flower knows if it has thorns or not. It knows all the different colors it can possess. It knows it’s seeds within the middle of its core. It’s seeds are its soul spirit, which is an energy within itself. The body of the flower knows it has this soul spirit. They are aware of each other. Each knows it has an independence. The flower knows it works together, separately, and synergistically with its core—-the seeds. The power of one does not overtake the other. The flower respects and loves each of its parts unconditionally, each part with its own integrity.

The sum of all these parts makes the flower, as a whole, complete and beautiful. A powerful flower with tremendous possibilities. Not one single part of the flower has a negative attitude towards another, for if it did, the flower would surely die. The flower knows not to possess negativity. It doesn’t have negativity. It knows not of it. It already knows the beauty and loves it possess; it is always in a loving state, always joyful and always peaceful. It is what it is.

My Love and Light to You
Barbara Anne Rose

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Good Tuesday

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


What a glorious blessed day. Make sure you count your blessings for today. Listen to happy music! Dance! Laugh! Live! Love! I AM. I AM LOVE. I AM PEACE. I AM JOY. I KNOW I am all this on the inside. Some may view me as something I am not but my concern is not on what others think of me for I can not control what others do, say or think about me. I can love you but I don’t need to necessarily keep you in my close vicinity. I can love individuals a zillion miles away with my heart and spirit. You can love people in your circle and out of your circle. There are some people we must keep out of our circle. Keeping individuals out of your circle does not mean you don’t love them. Often it can mean you DO love them.

Trust and Surrender to the Divine in You

Trust and Surrender to THE DIVINE-the essence of Love

Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel

I Love All of you so

Your Light is the Light to Surrender to

Only you Angel is what I need

No man can fill the Love that you are

All Light All Love All Encompassing

Sweet Nectar of Angel Medicine

Heals all wounds

Heals all trauma


Submit now

Angels are made of pure vibrant light

Nothing else

No armour

No shields

No swords

No nothing

Only Light

Can you see?

Do you hear?

You can not see because their light is blinding to the human eye


I know I am doing the work required of me to do Spirits need me to do.

In Love and Light
Goddess Rose


Reality!! Really?!!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

As I am driving on my way home from a visit with my mom, I am thinking about this past weekend, information I have learned, people I have met, ideas to possibly add into my work, and I see with more clarity how many view themselves and their life as ‘reality.’ I hear statements being made, “Well, the reality is ……and they name off whatever their reality is. If we stop to think about this reality, really stop to think about it with eyes wide open, heart open, ears open, we shall find that our reality is not reality. Reality is a word I find many use as an excuse for not being where they want to be. The word reality is a limited thought in your mind of what you think your reality is, what you think others reality is or should be. It is a form of judgment.

I have had banks say to me, “The reality is Barbara, as someone who is self employed you must have two years of solid documented income in order to purchase a home.” That was a lie and not reality. I have proven that “reality” wrong.

I had an old boyfriend once say to me, “The reality is your not young anymore. Why waste your time investing your energy in potential modeling gigs?” What an ass. There are thousands of models from all walks of life, from newborn to senior citizens. At the age of thirty-five I started competing in body building, swim suit, beauty, and figure competitions. My usual placing was in the top five. A national modeling company liked my look. This one enjoyed my personality, the fire in me, the spark I had. The younger ones gave the company problems, drama, each one going into their interview with a nasty me me me attitude).

Any way, the point is, reality is what you make it. Not something directed towards you. You can change your “reality” at any given time, in any given moment by re creating your thoughts. Shifting your thoughts to positive uplifting words, ideas, actions. Thought is formed first before the action.

The “reality” that you have blonde hair is not your reality if you change the color of your hair the following day to red. Reality is a limitation and judgement being placed on yourself and others. What you think is real today is not real tomorrow so why are we constantly using the word reality? Do you put limitations on your self? Others? Do you want to limit yourself? If so, Why?! Did someone teach you this? How far back does it go?

Feel the word reality in your mind, in your heart, see the word reality in your eyes. What does it look like, feel like? Can you touch it? Where in your body are you experiencing this word settle? Close your eyes, put your finger on that muscle if you can reach it. (If you are unable to physically reach it use your thought to touch it, thinking of the muscle where the word reality settles), asking the muscle, “Is there anything you would like to say to me?” Then listen. Go deeper asking more questions. Ask it to provide you an answer such as, “What do you want me to do? Is there anything else you would like me to know? Is there a color?A feeling to it? an image? Are you a person? This may all sound strange but doing this exercise is quite powerful for you to help find answer(s). No matter how strange the answer is it IS an answer. Do this exercise to gain information.

individuals who shoot for the stars are not ones who live a limited life. Their dreams are big. They don’t allow others to get in their way. They refuse to believe that Mr(Mrs) so and so says this or that pulling their dreams down as if they don’t have a right to dream big. Some think people who dream big dreams are being scatter brained or frilly or want the fairy tale ending. Many fear dreams, fear a life of blessings, fear they don’t deserve more or better. We have been misguided! When we learn to be and live fearlessly in our spirits, nothing nor anyone can deter us from reaching that place of where we want to be. You can be smart but not intelligent. You can be intelligent but not smart. You can be both smart and intelligent. Lets aim for both. Aim for spiritual mightiness. You will never be free as long as you hold yourself in bondage to your own limited “reality.”


Goddess Rose

Barbara Anne Rose

Thankfullness Gratitude

Friday, April 20th, 2012

I am sure many of us believe we give gratitude and thankfulness everyday but do we really do this? How do we do this? What actions are we taking? Is it coming from our mind, our body, our heart or our spirit? Our spirit and heart are not words to intertwine. They are not one in the same. Is it our minds we see from when we express our gratitude? Are we lead from our spirit when we express gratitude? Every single one of us has fallen from grace at times in our lives. No one is exempt from this. Some think we are perfect. Some think we are not perfect. Some think so many different things when it comes to spirit. There are times we think we know nothing and times we think we know everything. We are all and nothing at the same time. There are times we take for granted we even have legs to walk with, two hands to eat with, fingers to use to open a jar of peanut butter, eyes to see, ears to hear, lips to speak and not speak. This is why there are times when you see me I am more silent or more talkative than other times. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. There are times it may appear as if I am having a difficult time. Not difficult, just times of me in such humble gratitude all I decide to choose to do, is embrace the spirit.

We must consistently, consciously take action every day to give thanks to the spirits that are here to help guide us along our path. But we get in our own way. We want to do things our way, when we want, what we want, however we want; often times with no concern for others. Sports, TV, anything outside of us we are constantly going to for release of something that only can be released from within when we use our spirit. Spirit inside of me cries tears of joy when I work from my spirit, allowing my spirit to rule my mind, my heart, my body. Life is about learning lessons, not condemning ourselves or others. It is a spiritual duty to love and forgive ourselves and others no matter what.

There is never enough gratefulness that we can offer to spirit. It is always needed, always appreciated. They ARE love all the time for all time. We can not humanly fathom the love Angels and Spirit has for us. People put down singers, actors, musicians, the elderly, children or anyone that looks different from us. Quick to judge. We are judging every day, in ways we do not even realize because we often don’t take the time to stop and look inside as to just what in the world are we doing as people, as a human race. This world will come to an end at some point in time. The only world we live in is this one. This is planet Earth. We are tiny fragments of spirits living inside little bodies. Our spirits can be huge drawing onto the magnificence of all the beauty and love Angels have for us once we surrender and have faith.

Humans are controlled by their own greed and hoarding of money, of possessions, holding on so tight they fear of letting go, of surrendering, of releasing all cares to the divine in order for the divine to bless us. This life we have starts and ends with us. Wake up world. Today is a new day. Start fresh. Start now.


Saturday, April 7th, 2012


I started taking Herbalife supplements in January, became a distributor in February because I was having fun with my shakes and using their supplements. Without even doing anything I now have four customers, one distributor, a daughter in law who has lost just over 15 pounds in 3 weeks and another interested in signing up as a distributor! Two of my clients/customers are diabetic. Another client customer looking to help himself shed 50 pounds. Another who is helping his wife who has heart conditions and himself because he has also has health conditions.

If you have any interest in more information please feel free to contact me. I have worked with many many people over the course of these last 12 years lose weight and get in a better state of health not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. For more on my background go to my other site:

Goddess Rose

Barbara Berwick


Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Hello All,

It has been awhile since I have last posted. I am finished first book, onto the editing process with publishing company. Started my next two books. They deal with men and women, relationships, sexuality, sensuality, spirituality. I have put together a mens survey. Need minimum 1000 men to partake in it. All information is confidential; no names necessary. I have talked to some and they agree this survey I am doing is something that has never been done before. I know there are countless articles and books on relationships and sexuality but I believe with the way I am going about this, it  is different and deeper than has been taken in the past. If ANY man has interest in being part of survey let me know.

I am working on how to best use Internet sources to keep everything guarded and safe with information confidential. I have set up a personal email account associated only for this survey

All information is used to gather information for the purpose of book on men.

Goddess Rose

Death Life

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If you died today what would you do? How would you be? How is it that you would treat yourself and others? None of us know when that time will come but we all know it will come! Where is the focus of your energy spent? Are you loving? Are you really loving with all of who you are? If not, why? Fear of showing emotions feelings? Thoughts of what others may think of you? Are you allowing ego to get in the way?

There are always so many questions we can ask our self to find out where we are in our life, why we do what we do. Why we don’t do what we do, I believe, is even more of a question we must ask our selves. Most of the time it’s what we are not doing verses what we are doing. In order to find all the answers to your questions about yourself with the way you think and are, is to go inside yourself; to your spirit for that is where the answers lye. A place inside of you where only love exists.  Don’t procrastinate! You can save yourself. You can live as an enlightened being or you can not. The choice is yours. If you so willingly choose a state of enlightenment there will be choices for you to make in order for you to change. Yes, change is required. Change from a state of what we have been so used to all of our lives of mis beliefs and even out right lies. Building Spiritual strength takes time. It takes loving you throughout it all. Throughout the times when you make mistakes, not purposefully but because of what you have been so used to for so long. 

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose

Lies & Spiritual Truth

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We all have come across people who have lied to us. Times we even have lied or hid truth. Lying does not serve you or the one you lied too. It is never a service. It doesn’t help you or the other in the lacking of misinformation. I believe the majority of people already know this. So why do people continue on lying or pretending? To cover themselves ? To make them look good? To appear as someone they are not? The damage is not only to the one you lied to,  but to all those that have contact with the person the lie has been given to. I speak from a spiritual energy level. It is very difficult for some to understand and comprehend this. The most damage that has been done is to your own mind, body and soul. Each and every time there is a lie or a secret(s), it is a welcoming of a long slow spiritual death. This causes more inner turmoil. Deeper and deeper getting out by doing so called “good deeds” as if that will make up for the lies and misrepresentations willingly chosen that has been energetically projected to others. Every act and thought  has a consequence. We either make decisions from a divine state or we make them from a physical state. We can not make decisions in both worlds at the same time. It is always in one or the other. Tearing away from our spirit, ripping it apart. To care  about yourself and those around requires humbling yourself and if able to, to the one that was hurt asking for forgiveness. Forgive yourself first. That is the beginning.

The goal I hope you shall seek is one of honesty.  Back to basics. Truth is simple, comes from your white light. Lies come from the dark side. It is a dark decision. Do you understand the two sides? It is not one of duality. It is a unique choice: our free will. It is a blessing to choose your free will by speaking truth, being truthful. Serving, loving, and caring to all of those you come in contact with. We do not know the person behind their eyes. You do not know the pain they have lived. You do not know who anyone is until you start to learn who you really are and what you really are is a divine being within a physical body. You were born perfect. Parents, society, religion, government and your own contributions are the mess ups. Be careful not to condemn for that comes from the dark side. Life is about lessons learned. Don’t condemn the lessons. Just forgive yourself.  Start where you are right now in the present for you can not change your past nor can you control your future. Live life in the now loving and caring and above all speak truth.

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose


Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Commitment what does it mean? What does it represent to you? When you hear the word, what does it feel like to your heart, your mind, your body? To me it appears so many people have fear of committing to the relationship they are in. It is easier for them to be committed to a job, volunteer work they do, committed to a hobby or extra curricular activity  that is in their lives. These things are all well and good on a superficial level and it can help you get to where you want to go professionally and socially. But I would like to pose a question to you as it pertains to commitment you may have or not have to your mate, your beloved, your special someone. It appears to me, in my eyes from what I have seen, so many people see the word and act of commitment equal control. Commitment does not equal control. Everyone, I would guess realizes control definitely doesn’t equal commitment. There is so much fear in love, in commitment, in honesty. Fear we will not be heard, be validated, be cared for, be believed, fear of rejection. For me I’d rather not waste time. I am who I am, all of me, all real, all love. Anytime I am in a relationship with someone, a romantic relationship, I am committed to that person. My love is so great that when I find joy being with the person I am with, I automatically so  they automatically receive a commitment from me. My commitment is not necessarily to that person. It is a commitment to the Love I have for that person. There is a difference. Because I love me  all the love I possess within me, it is easy for me to give 150% of myself. For me it’s a give in. It’s a natural ability. It’s just me because relationships are the foundation  of a healthy harmonious world. Not only do I think of it in terms of us, the two people involved, but it is bigger  & wider than that. It expands out to all of our surroundings, affecting everyone around us on a national and yes global level. Love has no end. Love has no beginning. Love IS. It just is. Love is letting go of fear. It really is. Through everything I have been through I find it absolutely amazing, almost miraculous that I in fact have so much love to give. I have actually grown the love within me. Deep within I know no one can take that away. No one can control my spirit. They hurt me with words with actions with lack of actions but never have I given up on Real Love Divine love. A love that comes deep within our hearts and souls. Back to commitment and people’s ideas and perceptions that somehow they think commitment equals control. That now I have committed myself to you I ‘have’ to tell you everything: where I’m going, what I’m doing, with whom, when I’ll be back, how long I’m gone. If that is what you feel is expected of you you may be right, you may be wrong but you really don’t know what is going on inside the mind of the other person. We all have free will and we all have free choice . We choose to believe what we want to believe without regard to trying to fully understand the other person’s thought process. I think this is where we get into so much trouble. Each person now thinking “You don’t love me.” “You don’t care for me” “Your not here” “Just what are you doing?!” It’s more about what the person is NOT doing as much as what they are doing. It could be you are in a pretty darn good relationship but there is something ever so small that is missing. Maybe it’s the lack of what they are not doing and what they are not doing is actually so very easy and simple to fix. We all know how men love to ‘fix’ things, something that is broken. They receive  joy and satisfaction in ‘fixing’ things, doing something to fix the situation. You hear “Honey just tell me what you want and I’ll do it” Men enjoy and they really do want to make their woman happy but yet it appears that anytime when we women show any emotion men interpret that as being ‘needy’ or ‘clingy’ asking of us to much. Then we react and think “You don’t love me. You don’t care! If you really loved me you would care to understand my tears or the man might say ‘If you loved me you wouldn’t have a problem having sex with me’  Constant blame back and forth back and forth until someone walks away or storms out the door. Now instead of being better it’s worse. So where does commitment fall into this? A commitment as being strong enough to stay and face your own stuff . It is being strong enough by not allowing ego or arrogance to get in the way. It is about becoming humble to at least attempt to look at what the other person is saying. Take a good look at your self instead of playing the name game of constant criticism, condemnation, judgment. There is no love in that. There is only fear. So many people leave at the first sign of trouble or if its not at the first sign of troubling times then why did they not speak up? If they did speak up then why is it still happening? You could go round and round and round thinking and even saying “Well you need to change” “Well I’m not changing until you change” Honestly I think that’s a cop out. It is a cop out to your own self, your own self awareness, self respect. How many of us even know what self love, self respect, self acceptance even really looks like? We have been handed down other peoples beliefs perceptions of what all this means. We have, I feel, become desensitized to what the true meaning is. When you desire and learn to know what a divine self love is about all else falls into place with ease. It then starts the path of everything becoming easier. And as you learn and grow through the mistakes of others and your own, you start to become more aware of your true identity, your soul your spirit . We are all spirit and this is where all good is where all love resides. It is within you. Have the commitment to your divine self. Let the other have his/her divine commitment to themselves. That is the starting point. Work together from there. Not the physical self the divine self. Do you know you have a divine self? In order to start you need to know you have one. The white light inside of you. That’s your spirit. All light is all love. Light feeds light. The darkness of your past can not feed light. It casts a shadow. Recognize your shadows. Our commitments to ourselves to others, our mates and our loved ones requires an open door for us to express what we see in them that may be going on. Then the commitment lies in the other person to look at it for themselves. To love themselves enough to honor themselves and their mate to just look at it. To be careful not to look at it as the other person critizing being mean in some way. It is an observation.  So much of it is in how we word ourselves, our tone of language, our body language. Reflect back and forth with the other so you are understanding of what was said. Mirror. Commit to that. Fear does not serve you. Humbleness does. I will end with saying embrace and love the word commitment. It is a gift you give yourself and to all those in your life. It says I DO.

In Love & Light

Goddess Rose


Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Why is it that we have this tendency to embrace fear as some natural right in our relationships with people? For spite or to somehow help them understand us, to place a demand or expectation, to help open them, help them understand us? I don’t know. It could be for so many reasons. Sometimes I mistakenly say or do things that come from the physical wants,  needs, this or that to feel better.

There are times I still catch myself doing this. Anytime we speak from a place of fear I think we all really know down inside it doesn’t work.  We have beliefs, habits, stuff that we go back on and use weather we are aware of it or not. Sometimes I am aware of it. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I honestly think I’m okay with saying things I say only to find out later looks like I made a mistake. All of us make mistakes. All of us know we are human. But we need to catch ourselves not placing the blame on our humanness.

You know when we say to ourselves “The Devil made me do it”  That should give us a clue that what we just said or did isn’t coming from a Divine state. Fear is evil and never serves anyone. Can we truly abolish fears when some of our fears go back to when daddy told us, “Your not good for anything” ” You will never amount to anything”?  The longer and deeper the hurt and pain, turmoil is held inside, the longer it takes to rid it. You hear about radical forgiveness and wonder can we really radically forgive such atrocities that happened in our life? We can. Our minds tend to go rampant, play the same old song over and over again, beating ourselves up.

When we start our spiritual path I believe this is a start. Meeting and being with people of like minds can help. We are constantly reminded all of us are here, each having our own path. I believe all of us have insecurity issues somewhere within us. Let’s do better than our best. It is a spiritual duty to love and forgive ourselves and those that we think hurt us.


Goddess Of The Rose