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Reality!! Really?!!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

As I am driving on my way home from a visit with my mom, I am thinking about this past weekend, information I have learned, people I have met, ideas to possibly add into my work, and I see with more clarity how many view themselves and their life as ‘reality.’ I hear statements being made, “Well, the reality is ……and they name off whatever their reality is. If we stop to think about this reality, really stop to think about it with eyes wide open, heart open, ears open, we shall find that our reality is not reality. Reality is a word I find many use as an excuse for not being where they want to be. The word reality is a limited thought in your mind of what you think your reality is, what you think others reality is or should be. It is a form of judgment.

I have had banks say to me, “The reality is Barbara, as someone who is self employed you must have two years of solid documented income in order to purchase a home.” That was a lie and not reality. I have proven that “reality” wrong.

I had an old boyfriend once say to me, “The reality is your not young anymore. Why waste your time investing your energy in potential modeling gigs?” What an ass. There are thousands of models from all walks of life, from newborn to senior citizens. At the age of thirty-five I started competing in body building, swim suit, beauty, and figure competitions. My usual placing was in the top five. A national modeling company liked my look. This one enjoyed my personality, the fire in me, the spark I had. The younger ones gave the company problems, drama, each one going into their interview with a nasty me me me attitude).

Any way, the point is, reality is what you make it. Not something directed towards you. You can change your “reality” at any given time, in any given moment by re creating your thoughts. Shifting your thoughts to positive uplifting words, ideas, actions. Thought is formed first before the action.

The “reality” that you have blonde hair is not your reality if you change the color of your hair the following day to red. Reality is a limitation and judgement being placed on yourself and others. What you think is real today is not real tomorrow so why are we constantly using the word reality? Do you put limitations on your self? Others? Do you want to limit yourself? If so, Why?! Did someone teach you this? How far back does it go?

Feel the word reality in your mind, in your heart, see the word reality in your eyes. What does it look like, feel like? Can you touch it? Where in your body are you experiencing this word settle? Close your eyes, put your finger on that muscle if you can reach it. (If you are unable to physically reach it use your thought to touch it, thinking of the muscle where the word reality settles), asking the muscle, “Is there anything you would like to say to me?” Then listen. Go deeper asking more questions. Ask it to provide you an answer such as, “What do you want me to do? Is there anything else you would like me to know? Is there a color?A feeling to it? an image? Are you a person? This may all sound strange but doing this exercise is quite powerful for you to help find answer(s). No matter how strange the answer is it IS an answer. Do this exercise to gain information.

individuals who shoot for the stars are not ones who live a limited life. Their dreams are big. They don’t allow others to get in their way. They refuse to believe that Mr(Mrs) so and so says this or that pulling their dreams down as if they don’t have a right to dream big. Some think people who dream big dreams are being scatter brained or frilly or want the fairy tale ending. Many fear dreams, fear a life of blessings, fear they don’t deserve more or better. We have been misguided! When we learn to be and live fearlessly in our spirits, nothing nor anyone can deter us from reaching that place of where we want to be. You can be smart but not intelligent. You can be intelligent but not smart. You can be both smart and intelligent. Lets aim for both. Aim for spiritual mightiness. You will never be free as long as you hold yourself in bondage to your own limited “reality.”


Goddess Rose

Barbara Anne Rose