Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is close among us. Have you thought what you will get for your sweetie?

When you schedule a couples massage with Goddess of The Rose, she will enlighten your Spirit, soothe your soul, ease your mind and body as well as receive a rejuvenating experience for the two of you as a couple. You know you deserve it.

Goddess of The Rose can also teach you how to give and receive sensual massage in her workshops and classes so that you can please your partner. Visit her services page here. Visit her workshops here

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose

Prostate Self-Care

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Men over the age of fifty should get their prostate checked yearly. To help yourself on an ongoing basis click the article below to read how Ayurvedic products can help you. If you would like to purchase products to help yourself keep a healthy prostate click here:


With Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of the Rose

The Afterlife

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The afterlife is something many are intrigued about and would like to learn of. But I need to ask you, how many are sincere in receiving this type of information? Do I know all the answers? Of course not. Nobody does. Anyone who has been on the other side and has come back or those who are able to “see” beyond the veil, their experiences are all theirs. It does not necessarily mean everyone will experience the same as another. Our life is an example of what we may experience on the other side depending upon many factors.

First, I believe, it depends upon how we treat others.

Secondly, I believe it is a true reflection of self.

Thirdly, I believe, it is about how spiritually enlightened we have become while in this physical world.

When we pass from this life into the next, when we see our loved ones, this is not an indication that we are seeing that particular person. What it often is, is a memory we have of that person. Keep in mind you are you and no one else. No one lived your life but you. Your experiences all belong to you. Your emotions all belong to you. Your feelings all belong to you. Your actions all belong to you. The way you perceive and react all belong to you. It’s about taking responsibility for ALL parts of our life and not blaming others. It’s about love and forgiveness to self and others, no matter what has happened. You’re a Spiritual Being inside a physical body. This is fact. Why do you feel you need “proof” from some scientific study to prove a Spirit resides in the body. When you are able to recognize there is a Spirit inside you that is able to help you in this life, that is the beginning of the possibilities for miracles to happen, for a bright future, to help you make decisions in your life that will guide you each step of the way to bring out the best in you!

Spirit – it’s what we carry around inside us. When the physical body dies, Spirit still has free will to go and do in the Spirit realm. Therefore, because we still have free will, this means that not everyone releases old patterns or automatically loves and forgives all. Unforgiveness and an unloving attitude can go with us after death. Hence the reason why their are good, bad and evil spirits among us and in Spirit world. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that just because we die and pass out of the body, it doesn’t mean everything is going to be peachy king. Arrogance keeps one from realizing full truth. Will you like me less because of my take on this subject? Maybe you will. Maybe you will not. And that’s okay because I’m not here to please your soul in that way. I won’t be your fluffy bed of soft cotton and lilies. (I was going to say Roses but Roses have thorns and Roses will pinch and gnaw at the heart and soul to help wake you up!)

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of the Rose

Donate and help me give FREE services to disabled veterans

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I am asking, no I am pleading for your time to read this and then to donate whatever you can, so I can offer my massage services for free to disabled veterans!!

I have always had a huge heart to people who go through great suffering. I am deeply grateful I have the life I do. My heart deeply feels burdened for veterans who have lost limbs, have suffered deep wounds from being burned, loss of sight or hearing, paralysis, suffering from PTSD. I work everyday to help others who want and need my healing touch. For some I know I am their last resort. Many search all over the Internet looking for just the right therapist for their conditions, issues, someone to talk to who is able to see them for who they are, allowing them to safe and comfortable to recieve a session from me. Weather that session is a massage service, a coaching session, some spiritual guidance or counseling, I’m there for them. I provide an all around mixture of physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual healing. I NEED to be so successful that I can freely give severely disabled veterans a chance for recovery. Your donations will help. Please consider sending. Even if it is $5, $10, $20, $100, or $1,000, I give you my word, it will go towards helping a disabled veteran receive a free service.

To donate use the Pay Pal Donate button on this site 

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose


Heart Opening

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Have you seen recently on the news about ways to sit and stand to boost your confidence? As I was watching this newsworthy piece of work, I realized all these confident poses were done in a way that shows opening of the heart chakra. When we allow our heart chakra to be open, we are allowing the universe to bring to us heart warming people into our life. As well as opportunities for us to expand ourselves even more. Similar to the way we feel when we smile verses when we frown. It takes more energy to frown (and more muscles) than it does for us to smile. So raise your arms above your head. Turn your hands over so that the palm of your hand is up. Stand straight. Shift your shoulders in an upright position. Raise your head.

What ticks me off is that we “need” a psychologist with a M.D. or Ph.D to confirm this? Or any other “scientific proof” that sitting or standing in such a way is proof we will feel more confident!

Why is it that we humans seem to want or need scientific proof for EVERYTHING! We are smarter than we think. We are not unintelligent pieces of meat that need all of this or all of that crap. Yes, some of it is absolute fucking crap. We dont have knowledge of everything but I believe when it comes to feeling better about ourselves, I would at least like to believe that we KNOW smiling feels better to us in many ways than it does in how we feel when we are frowning. And we know we feel better when we stand straight, hips in line, shoulders up, head up, looking forward. Our eyes are more open. Our ears are more open. All of our sense are more open. We become more aware.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


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The Sixth Sense

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Our sixth sense. We all have them. But are we using them in our life? Are we using them in our life to make better decisions? Do we use our six sense to help others in their life?

The six senses come from our Spirit. We are born with a Spirit being inside a physical body. Our five senses are:






Yes, we can access our sixth sense through all of our five senses. The sixth sense is when we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste from a higher level. A level that is unseen. When we have the Spiritual gift of sight, this means we can see energy from the spirit realm. When we have the Spiritual gift of hearing, we can hear from a higher level. When we have the Spiritual gift of smell we can smell from a higher realm. When we have the gift of touch, we touch from a higher realm. Usually along with the hearing, seeing, touching, etc. comes a feeling and/or knowing. Because when we have a feeling there’s a knowing to the feeling that rides within it.

The most common sixth senses are sight, touch and hearing. They are called Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience. Claircognizance is the meaning of knowingness. It is just known, so the person can be told exactly what they need to know. Clairalience is psychic smelling. It is a phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odors of a person/entity who is not of the earth plane. Clairgustance is being aware of tastes. It is being aware of taste without putting anything physically in the mouth by perceiving the essence of a substance through taste from the spiritual or ethereal realms. The sensation of what one is tasting is often linked to a spirit on the other side.

The “claires” I have been able to tap into are sight (my dominate Spiritual gift), hearing and knowing. However I do experience other realities through touch. It shows itself as a tickling sensation on the body when connection with Spirit. This usually includes the face, hands, and neck. Also spirit scents which are often floral.

When you are aware of these things, your gift will grow and expand into the other senses. This is a good thing. The more you are able to tap in, tune in and turn on your entire life will grow. You will see lol things from a new perspective. You will see others in a new light. You will begin the process of knowing more about what life really is about. Your own personal life, the cosmos and so much more. Hopefully this will give you the tenacity to want to learn even more about the unseen Spiritual world. It is a beautiful place when you tap in to HIGHER realms. There are lower realms as well. But that is meant for a different article.


Be In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Obtaining Knowledge ?

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So you see, when you ask ‘How to I obtain the knowledge of God, how do I obtain the knowledge of liberation?’ all I can say is it’s the wrong question. Why do you want to obtain it? Because the very fact that you’re wanting to obtain it is the only thing that prevents you from getting there. You already have it. But of course, it’s up to you. It’s your privilege to pretend that you don’t. That’s your game; that’s your life game; that’s what makes you think you’re an ego. And when you want to wake up, you will, just like that. If you’re not awake, it shows you don’t want to. You’re still playing the hide part of the game. You’re still, as it were, the self pretending it’s not the self. And that’s what you want to do. So you see, in that way, too, you’re already there.

Its called “The Nature of Consciousness” a lecture by Alan Watts. . . It’s real long.. if you dont want to read it all pick any spot and it’ll satisfy your thirst for peace and knowing on this day

Peace and Blessings

Barbara Anne Rose

Mind Chatter-How to deal with it

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I remember reading many years ago a book written by Charles Stanley. It was titled, “Cobwebs of the Mind.” There is one thing that really stuck out in my head. It is that all of us have the power within to change our thoughts. We can change our negative thoughts into positive ones. We can essentially, as Charles Stanley commented, re-wire them. This takes time. Depending upon how long we have been suffering and what we are suffering from, can depend on how long it can take to re-wire our brains to think and believe the opposite.

If you are someone who has suffered sexual abuse from a family member for several years it may take several years to change our thoughts from hate to love. From feeling like we are less valued to someone who has a lot of value. To recognize that we are a valuable human being with many talents (yes, I truly believe all of us have many talents) to give in loving ways rather then feeling like we have nothing to give back to society. Many times with sexual abuse we loose ourself. We start to think we have nothing and are nothing. That we are worthless and the only thing we may feel good that we can offer is sex. I understand. I speak from experience. I once thought that way about myself.

I was a victim of sexual abuse at the pure young age of three. My body memories remembered abuse happening to me from three to five years of age. It wasn’t until at the age of 29 did these memories surface. My youngest child, a girl, (my other two children are boys) who was almost three at the time, is when these memories showed themselves to me. Being the type of person I am, I asked myself the question, “Why? What am I feeling? What is happening to me?” I knew enough to question. I asked myself to provide the answers.With the assistance of therapists, a few of them by the way, helped me help myself to re-wire my brain. It was damn tough but well worth every second. One of the things that I very much enjoyed was my walks outside. I loved the sun, the clouds, birds and all of the animals I saw as I went on my walks.

So………when we work on getting rid of our mind chatter, our brains are ready to receive answers. Looking outside of ourselves, such as nature, helps do this for us. I believe it helps us tap into our self, our soul, the spirit within us. But first we need to be open and willing to accept that there are answers in nature. Many could argue is it the brain, the body, the heart, the spirit that receives these answers given? What I say is that in order for one part of us to open up to our truth, all the other parts of us need to be open to receive. It is all connected. We are all connected. We connect to ourselves micro cosmically and we connect to the universe macro cosmically.

A shift in energy is always followed by a change in our reality.

In Love and Light,
Author and Healer
Barbara Anne Rose

Cartier Video – healing trauma through integration

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There is much to interpret about this Cartier video. Sensually, sexually, emotionally, and even Spiritually. I invite you to write your feedback. I included my interpretations.

Cartier Video

I watched this four times because there was so much! First of all I was getting chills from the get-go. It was very magical. When the leopard started waking up and when it burst through the cage, coming alive/waking up I saw and felt so much power and strength from the leopard. When he broke through the glass I sensed freedom. Freedom from being trapped inside his jeweled shell and then freedom from being stuck in the building. The leopard, it appeared he was looking and traveling instinctively of where he knew he needed to go. The watcher listens and watches in anticipation. Maybe even thinking. “Where is he going?” “What is his destination and why?”

I then see him run through the rings he must go through. He meets a dragon. Is the dragon his friend or enemy? Is the dragon being his friend and guiding him to where he needed to go? Like a Spirit guide perhaps? Until after I watched this a few times I realized the dragon was the golden bridge. It seemed like the dragon and the leopard were speaking telepathically to one another. The leopard was traveling from place to place; on the dragon, to the elephant with the castle on his back, jumping on the plane and then to the Cartier building, going somewhere he KNEW he needed to go. I could feel the energy inside the leopard. His sense of smell stronger and stronger leading him, telling him he is so close.

It was very sensual and erotic. It seemed like the panther was doing everything and anything to get where he needed to go. I noticed also when the leopard was looking down into the castle he seemed in awe. I noticed the peacock opened its wings. The panther seemed in awe when he arrived at the castle knowing that his beloved is there waiting for him. When they finally meet and embrace, it is in their essences that they each knew they would be together forever. I could tell that she was waiting for him and he was waiting to find her. The leopard was led every step of the way to reach her and be with her. In the end they walked into the box, as one, united, to be with each other forever.

In Love and Light,

Author and Goddess of The Rose,

Barbara Anne Rose

Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop

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Spiritual Sensual massage intensive weekend workshop August 15-17.


There is still time to sign up for this amazing workshop that will enhance the relationship(s) you have with the your partner and the opposite sex.  

Sexual Intimacy workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance their relationships with their partner(s). In order to have a more loving intimate relationship with our partners we need to first recognize within us what we may be contributing that is potentially affecting our intimate relations. Sexuality and intimacy is more than sexual positions and eroticism.  

The Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop is for anyone who wants to learn in depth on how to perform sensual massages. It is also for anyone who wants to learn on how to receive sensual massages. Being able to give a sensual massage is only half the game. Learning on how to receive one is just as important. This workshop is open to men, women and couples, heterosexual and gay. 


In this workshop you will learn:

The definition of Spiritual Sensual Massage 

How to give a sensual massage using massage strokes

How to touch the face in a non invasive way

How to touch genitals in non invasive way 

Male and female anatomy

How to pleasure the male and female anatomy

Learn about Chakras and why it is important in sensual massage

Learning awareness of self

Learning awareness of nature and how it can direct our path in life

Deal with stored trauma


Some of the ways I will do that are through:




Lessons taken from my book Angel Works 

Mind control exercises that will provide clarity and enhance sexual stamina

Body exercises that will prepare you for the massage

Body exercises for health and stamina 

Giving a spiritual sensual massage to a male and female volunteer

To sign up for this workshop, (in fact any workshop), go through 


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose