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Hope For Vets

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

I support Hope For Vets. I met Kevin Taylor this past weekend August 10th in Texas in a group discussion. He is a survivor of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as well as I. I am not a veteran but I do know PTSD. What a dearly caring man. I wish I had more time to sit and talk with him.

If you support our troops, our veterans, I ask you to please check out his site. No vet should ever be turned away from our government for help, but it does happen and often times the help they truly need is not being met from the VA. Spiritual Healing is a much needed healing for all of us but especially those who have experienced any type of trauma.

In Love and Light

Goddess of The Rose

Barbara Anne Rose

Angel Works

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

My book is out! Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Balboa Press, Lybrary

Angel Works: Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment

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Goddess Rose

Barbara Anne Rose

Past Hurts/Pains/Trials/Abuse

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Dear Readers,

I recently heard from a friend his reasoning for not dealing with past issues that he clearly knows trouble him today and have been for a long time. This “stuff” he has stems from how he was taught/raised in dealing with emotions/feelings stuffing them down; stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. He wanted to say “It’s just a man thing.” Personally, I do know many men who are not afraid to voice their feelings. As we conversed what I heard was continual blame on this past, using it as an excuse. That he might as well just keep being the way he is. It is so ingrained into his being he doesn’t know how to act any differently yet he recognizes a change would be valuable to his life. He asked how do I do this? My first recommendation was to talk to someone he trusts. Someone he feels he knows would value his word. He can start off with explaining himself before explaining his past condition that has been interfering with his present life. I also let him know I am a safe person for him if he chooses to talk more in depth.

The first thing any of us can do is recognize our “stuff”. Once we recognize it then it is our duty and obligation to self to act upon it. To DO SOMETHING! His life will remain the same if no action is taken. I used my life as an example explaining that if I still held hate and did not forgive my ex-husband or father I would not be where I am now. My spirit would not be free. I would not have love growing inside me for ME right now. I would not have love inside of me to give others so freely now. I have come a long way. I have faith. I believe in myself. I move over above and through my own stuff. I have a healer teacher that speaks to me about things. When he speaks it pushes me to DO for my life because I know anything I do to help myself will only be valuable to myself, my life, my family, my clients, and anyone that enters my space. Change will never be comfortable.

If we are not changing and growing with True Love for others and ourselves every year this is called settling.  Do not settle for mediocrity! Do not settle to stay the same. Do not settle by staying in the past. Do not settle allowing yourself to be ruled by your past no matter who raised you, what negative influences were placed upon you. Get up! Be strong! Be a man! Be a woman! BE SPIRITUALLY FREE. You choose to be spiritually free or you choose to spiritually dead. What road are you traveling? What road do you want to travel? Are you willing and able to get out of yourself so you can find yourself?!  When will you get off the fence?!

In Love and Light

Goddess Rose