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Book Angel Works

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

There is so much out there about Spirituality. There is a lot out there about addictions, mental illness, sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence. There is a lot out there about ghosts, spirits, paranormal activity. There is also a lot of information out there about out of body/transcendental experiences.

This book, Angel Works, that I wrote can be quite fascinating for individuals interested, hungry for something new to read. A book that can bring one to tears of sadness in one moment, to tears of happiness in another to tears of extreme humbleness and thankfulness in yet another as they read my book.

It is not just a story of my life about a girl who survived sexual abuse by her father or the abuse perpetrated by her ex husband. I wrote Angel Works for many reasons. Above all for people to know we are first and foremost Spiritual beings inside human bodies. But you see, this is where I believe I’m different. It’s why I mentioned there is so much out there on Spirituality. All of the above I wrote, I encompass in book for I have experienced all. On top of that I talk about Spiritual gifts, loss of loved ones, birth of children and eating disorders.

I could go on and on about all of this. But it’s why I wrote my book. For those interested parties to read Angel Works so they can find out first hand about all of it! About all of me. About all of who they are. We are more alike than different.

Angel Works can make a great gift for yourself or a loved one or friend this time of year. Religion does not matter. Weather you celebrate Christmas or not doesn’t matter so much. Any day of the year is a gift. I ask you to please consider purchasing my book, Angel Works, today.

It is sold in hard and soft cover and in e-format online everywhere. Such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and of course as a self publisher with Balboa Press.

You can click on purchase button through my site:

In Love and Light,
Author Barbara Anne Rose

Book Review

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

From Volney Steffire a FB friend reader


Dr. David Hawkins used to talk about a Level of Consciousness (LOC) scale. The written word could be measured using this scale. The first thing that I noticed about Barbara Anne Rose’s words was that they were vibrating at a very high frequency.

The frequency of written words comes from the frequency of the writer of the words, the intention at the time of the writing and the words themselves.

These words seemed to have been written by a radiant Goddess with a very loving intention. The level of vibration was palpable. One could meditate with these words.

The book has three layers. On one layer it is the author’s personal path of growth and healing. She discovers her voice and then her power. It will be an empowering story for some and a gratifying story for others on those terms. For those details buy the book. That is her story.

On another layer the book is about understanding one’s connection with the divine, both the divine within and the divine all around us. The author does a good job of explaining how religious beliefs and direct divine connection can be reconciled as being two aspects of the same thing. In her case her definition of the divine comes her Roman Catholic upbringing but her sense of connection comes from “the Spirit” within her and Spirit as another name for God.

I personally relate to mixing Roman Catholic terms with a non-dualist view of the divine. I first learned healing from an Ex-Roman Catholic Priest (Ron Roth) turned teacher of hands on healer. We referred to the Holy Spirit and asked the Holy Spirit to join with us. Another one of the many semantics for the divine both within us and all around us.

If one is comfortable with the non-dualist view that we can connect with “Spirit” and that we have a piece of Spirit within us and there are “Angels” around us maybe in human form or maybe in the hearts of others then the third layer of the book is very interesting. How do you really know what thoughts, desires or needs come from the physical, selfish self versus what comes from divinity?

On the surface this seems like it would be very easy to tell. Anything bad for someone else for no reason is not divine. How about good for someone else but not for you? There is a range of nuances covered.

Most healers that I know are sometimes double-checking whether what they feel is the right thing to do. Is it from the divine or not? Does this serve the client? But what if it does not serve me? Am I really channeling right now?

Barbara gets into these questions. Although the book is applicable to anyone comfortable with the non-dualist view of the divine, there is also a bit of a healthy, healer, heal thyself aspect. She shares a few of her mistakes as healer that occurred when she got confused as to the source of the insight.

I do have a couple of very loving words for the author. Barbara, I heard your voice. Thank you for sharing your truth, experience and wisdom so fearlessly Goddess.


Book Review

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Thank You to my reader Khalil for writing a book review. He has allowed me to post it on this site. Follow me on Face book and you will see his review there too.

I read your entire book in a little over 5 hours! I felt like I went on a journey! Absolutely amazing Barbara! My appreciation for you and the wonderful, beautiful spirit you are in a human body, grew tremendously! My heart, mind, body and soul applauds your strengths! Your spiritual insight has done much more than just caught my attention! It did catch my attention, but I don’t feel at all trapped Barbara! I feel a strong connection to your message and how you overcame the turmoil and struggles! I admire, respect you and how you gained successes and triumphs! Your book helps me improve in many areas in my life, opens me to greater spiritual insights and definitely enlightens me! I felt your book was powerful and enlightening the moment I first heard the title, but I had no idea just how much I would feel that strong connection until I started reading it! Thank you so much for writing this book; Angel Works Soaring From Abuse To Love Forgiveness And Enlightenment!

From Khalil Abdul-Majid Face Book Fan April 30th, 2013


Barbara Anne Rose

Book Review

Monday, April 29th, 2013


I would like to clarify some things. I recently had a review of my book by the Advice Sisters and although I do appreciate her personal and professional advice I feel I must clarify the difference between Spiritual and religious.

First I need to correct the Advice Sisters. Angel Works Soaring From Abuse to Love Forgiveness and Enlightenment, was published in August of 2012 NOT 2013 as stated in their site.

Secondly I will say I am not a religious person who follows any particular religion. I refuse to smack a label onto me or put myself in a religious box. Being a Spiritual person who happens to believe in Jesus Christ does not make me religious or “Christian.” Jesus Christ is one person who taught others on how to love and forgive. So did the Budha and Krishna and mother Teresa and the Dhali Lama. I believe in Love and forgiving others, everyone, just as so many other great teachers have taught.

Another point I feel I need to add is that the mere fact I mention Jesus’s name, does not necessarily give my book the indication that it leads a reader to presume it’s all about christianity. There are many “Christians” who wont even acknowledge dark angels, reincarnation or out of body experiences. I offer many out of ordinary ways of thinking. I offer advice to my readers to help them in better understanding themselves and hopefully enough so that they will make a conscience choice in changing their lives for the better. Universal Truths aren’t a religious thing. Universal Truths are Spiritual Truths all around the world. Universal Truths aren’t attached to any religious group.

And so I say Selah Selah

In Much Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose