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Goddess Rose MOVING

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Here at Spiritual and Emotional Healing, Goddess of The Rose is moving her business to a location that is more conducive for her business. As an Author, Life Relationship Coach, Counselor, Mentor, and a licensed massage therapist, her working with individuals and couples will permit a more relaxing and place of peace and serenity for them. Her intention with all these things is that it will start within her clients’ minds a relaxing atmosphere so the mind and heart of one is more open to receive Barbara’s wisdom. There truly is the visual of nature that brings into the minds and bodies relaxation before one even listens to words from the ‘teacher’. Life is a teacher to us. So is the traveling of roads into new places. Within nature is LOVE. Within nature IS peace. Within nature IS serenity.

Miss Rose will be located in lower Delaware in the town of Houston. It is located between Harrington and Milford De. Below is a list of areas and distance from where Spiritual and Emotional Healing will be beginning Sept 22, 2018

Harrington DE 11 min

Frederica DE 16 min

Magnolia DE 24 min

Milton DE 26 min

Camden, DE 27 min

Dover, De 30 min

Lewes beach 40 min

Laurel, DE 40 min

Rehobeth Beach 48 min

Middletown DE 54 min

Salisbury, MD 1 hr

Newark, De 1hr 11 min

Chesapeake City MD 1 hr 11 min

Wilmington De 1hr 15 min

Pike Creek DE 1hr 17 min

Pennsville NJ 1hr 18 min

Hockesin De 1hr 22 min

Philadelphia Airport 1hr 30 min

BWI 1hr 34 min

Aberdeen MD 1 hr 40 min

Washigton DC 1 hr 51 min


Coaching = Caring

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Do you have a coach? Are you looking for a coach? A coach can help you get from point A to point B a lot faster than many other means. A coach is someone who genuinely cares for your soul. They are there for you throughout your journey of whatever you desire to accomplish. I have come across several of my massage clients (or who wish to be my massage clients). As I hear them speak and they ask my professional opinion of the type of service they need, and I mention coaching, they shy away from it. I have come to the conclusion many people really do not know what it means to coach someone. They confuse coaching with counseling. And men generally shy away from talking about FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Either because they don’t want to talk about such personal matters or they feel coaching is not what they need. But over and over again it is coaching AND massage they need. Because what they discuss and or want to discuss they want to discuss it in a massage setting. In a massage setting, this is not the time to discuss what’s bothering you on an emotional, spiritual, sensual or spiritual level. Can I help someone emotionally, spiritually, with my touch? Yes, I can. But when they are talking to me about certain matters there is only so much talking that can happen without it disturbing a massage (touch) session. To more fully be able to help another with the issues they bring to me, coaching sessions is the option I have available for them to use. It is a service I offer. I offer it because I have come across hundreds of individuals throughout my time being a massage therapist. It is why I decided to offer coaching and mentorship programs.

What is different with the Coaching and Mentorship Programs I offer is that I integrate the whole person. Clients of mine are not just paying me to listen to them, ask pertinent questions, and be nonjudgmental. What they receive when they use these services from me are also:


An Exercise Program

Nutritional  Guidance

A Caring Person


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


Communication in our Sexual Encounters

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Communicating honestly is the most important thing we can do for our relationships. Many individuals today have trouble communicating their thoughts, their feelings, what’s going on inside the mind. Working with my clients I have seen communication breakdown over and over again. They get tired. They get exhausted when they feel they have to repeat themselves to get their point across. What if we could imagine stepping into the other’s shoes. Even if only a little. We’re then able to get out of ourselves and into somewhat of a state of understanding where the other person is coming from. It’s hard sometimes to get out of our self, our emotional center and into a Spirit centered place. Everything really is a lot easier when we can be directed from Spirit. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe that we are Spiritual beings inside human bodies, then I ask you to think it from whatever place you can that let’s think outside the physical self. If your more comfortable using the word “intuition”, “higher self”, “guides’, go ahead, Use what you are comfortable with.

When it comes to our sexuality, communication it still very important. We need to not be afraid to express what we would like to see happen in our sex lives. Men generally want to please their partner, but if their partner isn’t willing or afraid to communicate what he or she wants, then both parties get left disappointed. However, when we can be open to discussions around our sexuality, what we want, don’t want, or even what we would like to just talk about, then we open the door for further enhancement of the relationship. Weather an idea is acted out isn’t necessarily the means to the communicating, it’s the effects that happen during and after the communication! One of these after effects is a feeling of relaxation; a lift off the shoulders of what’s been going on the inside.

With the services I provide, such as my email and personal development coaching, I can guide you on what to say, what subjects to stay away from, the tone of your voice, body expressions, intentions behind your words, in order to help facilitate a healthy journey into a new sexual life.

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In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose