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Book Angel Works

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

There is so much out there about Spirituality. There is a lot out there about addictions, mental illness, sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence. There is a lot out there about ghosts, spirits, paranormal activity. There is also a lot of information out there about out of body/transcendental experiences.

This book, Angel Works, that I wrote can be quite fascinating for individuals interested, hungry for something new to read. A book that can bring one to tears of sadness in one moment, to tears of happiness in another to tears of extreme humbleness and thankfulness in yet another as they read my book.

It is not just a story of my life about a girl who survived sexual abuse by her father or the abuse perpetrated by her ex husband. I wrote Angel Works for many reasons. Above all for people to know we are first and foremost Spiritual beings inside human bodies. But you see, this is where I believe I’m different. It’s why I mentioned there is so much out there on Spirituality. All of the above I wrote, I encompass in book for I have experienced all. On top of that I talk about Spiritual gifts, loss of loved ones, birth of children and eating disorders.

I could go on and on about all of this. But it’s why I wrote my book. For those interested parties to read Angel Works so they can find out first hand about all of it! About all of me. About all of who they are. We are more alike than different.

Angel Works can make a great gift for yourself or a loved one or friend this time of year. Religion does not matter. Weather you celebrate Christmas or not doesn’t matter so much. Any day of the year is a gift. I ask you to please consider purchasing my book, Angel Works, today.

It is sold in hard and soft cover and in e-format online everywhere. Such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and of course as a self publisher with Balboa Press.

You can click on purchase button through my site:

In Love and Light,
Author Barbara Anne Rose

Hay House I CAN DO IT Pasadena, Ca

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

I will be in Pasadena Ca November 8-10 promoting my book hosting a book signing. Angel Works is my first self published book. It has been a little over one year and I will be off to California before I know. I am very excited about this event. Visit site below to learn about the Convention center where this is held. Don’t forget to check out  Angel Works on Balboa Press also. Sold world wide in all English speaking languages. It is a multi-genre book. A inspirational, motivational self help book. Most everyone in this day and age has been through a traumatic experience. Some more so than others but we have all experienced loss, pain, turmoil of some kind. Angel Works can help anyone who is open to helping themselves become a better man, a better woman, a better person. I wrote Angel Works to help inspire others to dream big, to not give up, to know you are worthy and can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Thank you everyone who has bought and read my book, or has given to a friend as a gift. It is much appreciated.

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In Love and Light

Author Barbara Anne Rose

MY Massages

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hello, I would like to say a few notes on my work.  Believe me when I say this is not your typical massage. Yes it is a massage but it does go beyond because I put myself in my work. I do not work mechanically or traditionally in my Goddess Work. All of who I am physically, emotionally, spiritually transfer from me to you. Love and care really do flow through.  This magic can only work and flow when you the receiver respect my work and me the person. When I work on people  I never know what will be drawn out of you. What will be drawn into you. What sensations and feelings will go through your being as you feel my heavenly hands on your body.  Allow yourself to be at ease. Surrender yourself to me. As the music I play travels through the ethers I capture it feeling it enter me. I take THAT in me. My hands are the instrument that transfers this energy on to you. I can best describe it like this.

Take an instrument:  Harp  Violin  Piano Or imagine yourself a painter in front of your canvas or you the master of your clay. You have in front of you a blank piece of paper,  clay yet to be formed, an instrument yet to be played. This is what your body is to me. Your body is my paper, my clay, my instrument.  I form you. I release you from bondages that hold you back as your mind soul and body are ready to let go. Nothing is forced. Your body has its own intelligence so it knows what needs to be released.

No two sessions are alike because of this!

You are loved!

Your Goddess of The Rose