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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Why is it that we have this tendency to embrace fear as some natural right in our relationships with people? For spite or to somehow help them understand us, to place a demand or expectation, to help open them, help them understand us? I don’t know. It could be for so many reasons. Sometimes I mistakenly say or do things that come from the physical wants,  needs, this or that to feel better.

There are times I still catch myself doing this. Anytime we speak from a place of fear I think we all really know down inside it doesn’t work.  We have beliefs, habits, stuff that we go back on and use weather we are aware of it or not. Sometimes I am aware of it. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I honestly think I’m okay with saying things I say only to find out later looks like I made a mistake. All of us make mistakes. All of us know we are human. But we need to catch ourselves not placing the blame on our humanness.

You know when we say to ourselves “The Devil made me do it”  That should give us a clue that what we just said or did isn’t coming from a Divine state. Fear is evil and never serves anyone. Can we truly abolish fears when some of our fears go back to when daddy told us, “Your not good for anything” ” You will never amount to anything”?  The longer and deeper the hurt and pain, turmoil is held inside, the longer it takes to rid it. You hear about radical forgiveness and wonder can we really radically forgive such atrocities that happened in our life? We can. Our minds tend to go rampant, play the same old song over and over again, beating ourselves up.

When we start our spiritual path I believe this is a start. Meeting and being with people of like minds can help. We are constantly reminded all of us are here, each having our own path. I believe all of us have insecurity issues somewhere within us. Let’s do better than our best. It is a spiritual duty to love and forgive ourselves and those that we think hurt us.


Goddess Of The Rose