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Ordinary or Extraordinary

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

To be ordinary or extraordinary. It’s your choice. Do you choose to lay there and succumb to others? To what society wants from you? To what your boss wants from you? What your church wants from you? What your government wants from you? How many people actually stand up to what you want? To YOUR dreams and desires. This is your life. You have so much more power within you than you could possibly know or realize. The potential we all have.

We humans make everything and I mean everything so much more difficult than what it is. We forget where we came from. Who made us. Even in my hard times and my past I always knew deep inside there is that higher power within me, even if I didn’t quite understand it. The thing is I believed! I didn’t give up hope. I didn’t allow others to dictate to me what they thought I should do with my life. What society tells me what it thinks I should do.

Great leaders refuse ordinary. They refuse comfort zones. Leaders fight. They stand up for themselves and others in the name of LOVE.  All success and I don’t mean just financially but in every aspect of our lives, Love needs to be the basis of the foundation. Our intentions must come from a standpoint of love, pure divine love.  We have all heard in order to love another we must first love ourselves. But nowadays how many of us really know how to love ourselves?

Think about this for a moment. If we really knew how to love ourselves we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.   The country wouldn’t be in the mess it is now. The good thing is we can start today; right now. Right this instant as you read these words. I continually am amazed at how much love I have inside that I know I MUST share. This love is a divine love. The topic of Love is huge and I could go on and on for hours. And someday in the near future I will write a book on all the aspects of love-divine love, self love, spiritual love, physical love, romantic love. Ways on how to really make love to a woman and how to really make love to a man. There is much to learn. Much to say.

Until next time be in peace with your neighbor. Think  then speak kind words.



Your Goddess of the Rose

MY Massages

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hello, I would like to say a few notes on my work.  Believe me when I say this is not your typical massage. Yes it is a massage but it does go beyond because I put myself in my work. I do not work mechanically or traditionally in my Goddess Work. All of who I am physically, emotionally, spiritually transfer from me to you. Love and care really do flow through.  This magic can only work and flow when you the receiver respect my work and me the person. When I work on people  I never know what will be drawn out of you. What will be drawn into you. What sensations and feelings will go through your being as you feel my heavenly hands on your body.  Allow yourself to be at ease. Surrender yourself to me. As the music I play travels through the ethers I capture it feeling it enter me. I take THAT in me. My hands are the instrument that transfers this energy on to you. I can best describe it like this.

Take an instrument:  Harp  Violin  Piano Or imagine yourself a painter in front of your canvas or you the master of your clay. You have in front of you a blank piece of paper,  clay yet to be formed, an instrument yet to be played. This is what your body is to me. Your body is my paper, my clay, my instrument.  I form you. I release you from bondages that hold you back as your mind soul and body are ready to let go. Nothing is forced. Your body has its own intelligence so it knows what needs to be released.

No two sessions are alike because of this!

You are loved!

Your Goddess of The Rose