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Book Angel Works

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

There is so much out there about Spirituality. There is a lot out there about addictions, mental illness, sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence. There is a lot out there about ghosts, spirits, paranormal activity. There is also a lot of information out there about out of body/transcendental experiences.

This book, Angel Works, that I wrote can be quite fascinating for individuals interested, hungry for something new to read. A book that can bring one to tears of sadness in one moment, to tears of happiness in another to tears of extreme humbleness and thankfulness in yet another as they read my book.

It is not just a story of my life about a girl who survived sexual abuse by her father or the abuse perpetrated by her ex husband. I wrote Angel Works for many reasons. Above all for people to know we are first and foremost Spiritual beings inside human bodies. But you see, this is where I believe I’m different. It’s why I mentioned there is so much out there on Spirituality. All of the above I wrote, I encompass in book for I have experienced all. On top of that I talk about Spiritual gifts, loss of loved ones, birth of children and eating disorders.

I could go on and on about all of this. But it’s why I wrote my book. For those interested parties to read Angel Works so they can find out first hand about all of it! About all of me. About all of who they are. We are more alike than different.

Angel Works can make a great gift for yourself or a loved one or friend this time of year. Religion does not matter. Weather you celebrate Christmas or not doesn’t matter so much. Any day of the year is a gift. I ask you to please consider purchasing my book, Angel Works, today.

It is sold in hard and soft cover and in e-format online everywhere. Such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and of course as a self publisher with Balboa Press.

You can click on purchase button through my site:

In Love and Light,
Author Barbara Anne Rose


Monday, April 11th, 2011

Relationships: We all have them. They come in many disguises. We are all aware of our relationships with other people such as our partner, children, friends, co-workers etc, but have you thought about your relationships to food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, money, cars, sports, things? Have you really thought what do these things bring to you on an emotional level? Everyone does it. Do you have urges to eat ice-cream to soothe your heart from pain that you think someone (living or not living) else caused. It doesn’t matter what external thing it is but in your mind it serves a purpose.  Are you really wanting it, needing it? Is it a physical need? Is it an emotional need? Is it an avenue for you to feel some kind of satisfaction so you don’t have to look inside yourself and figure out what is it about me that is triggering these feelings, these emotions, this feeling of having to have to have control. Everyone comes from the same source. Everyone has a past. The majority of all pain and turmoil stems from deep within. Some of us our consciously aware of it, some subconsciously. Think about PTSD. Most people, I think, think of war veterans having PTSD.  I was diagnosed with this. I’m not going to say what from but the event happened many years ago in my childhood.

We are human beings. We are spiritual beings living inside a human body. There is no one exempt from worry fear or doubt. Everyone has some form of worry fear or doubt that resides within. Your mind and body are a recorder of literally everything that has been said to you, said around you and done to you. Your spirit can set you free. Let your spirit set you free.

Any relationship worth having requires both parties to recognize there own “stuff.” A working, harmonious relationship needs to be earned by both sides. We seem to consistently place blame on others, any outside source. Blaming, criticizing, condemning, judging, demanding, thinking we are the ones that are right and the other wrong. Don’t wait for the other person to make things right.  Start with yourself. Take responsibility with what you do and say. How you react to life. How you treat others. How you treat yourself.  And if you think you cant find it, go inside deeper. The answer is always there.  Ask yourself, Why am  I feeling this way? Ask again and again then ask again. It requires a dedicated, commitment to you. Change will always be tough. It’s supposed to be. That’s why they call it change. One of the things I also think, we are use to change as getting laid off from a job, changing jobs, sickness or death in the family. But how often do you choose to change your own self in order to become a better person? Hopefully you have someone trustworthy you can go to for guidance. Someone you respect, admire, see as someone you would want to become more like because they exemplify the type of person you desire to become. Just remember to keep in mind your guides/coaches are also beings of light that continue to want to grow themselves, and they make mistakes to. Love them anyway and forgive. I am sure they will continue to love and forgive you too when you make a mistake. I know how hard it can be in the midst of change, but when you learn to embrace change you will become a better person…. or not.

Ultimately we choose to allow ourselves to become a better person or we choose to hold onto old patterns and beliefs that do not serve us anymore. These old patterns and beliefs  keep us held back in the same place. Sometimes I look back and think, “How much have I changed?” ” How much more do I want to change?” Where do I want to go from here?  For me, I can honestly say my ultimate desire is to have a pure mind and heart. This is big but I am up for it. And that my dears, I believe is the most important goal any person can set for themselves. It takes the hardest work because we literally need to change much of everything in order to embrace and know our truth. Spirit inside knows all. Listen carefully inside of you and listen to the universe that gives you signs. Look all over the place; in nature, as you stumble through radio signals, TV channels, the birds in the sky, the animals scurrying around, the way leaves fall off of a tree. Pay attention to numbers, letters, everything.

In Love & Light

Goddess Rose