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Monday, July 11th, 2016

Liberty is a mental state. Freedom is an emotional state. It is a resurrection. Tantra is both liberating and freeing. It can allow you to allow yourself to experience sensations and feelings you have never experienced before. Other worldly. Having this experience by you, for yourself, can be a brand new beginning into oneness with self, oneness with all. How is your mind? How is your heart? Are you moving on about life in a linear fashion? Are you just “sticking with the program?” Or are you ready to embrace all of who you are? Ready and willing to embrace the fears and fears that lay dormant in you are not consciously aware of?

Working on our fears is probably one of the most challenging things we will do on this earth. But it is the most freeing. Being able to get out of self so that we can tap in, tune into our self (Spirit within) will serve us not only in this world, but the world beyond.

I can be of assistance for you to start that path. I am here as a listening guide helping you to move beyond yourself, offering words of wisdom that will give you strength to do the work. Nonetheless, you will be the one doing the work. For all of us are responsible for self.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Donate and help me give FREE services to disabled veterans

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

I am asking, no I am pleading for your time to read this and then to donate whatever you can, so I can offer my massage services for free to disabled veterans!!

I have always had a huge heart to people who go through great suffering. I am deeply grateful I have the life I do. My heart deeply feels burdened for veterans who have lost limbs, have suffered deep wounds from being burned, loss of sight or hearing, paralysis, suffering from PTSD. I work everyday to help others who want and need my healing touch. For some I know I am their last resort. Many search all over the Internet looking for just the right therapist for their conditions, issues, someone to talk to who is able to see them for who they are, allowing them to safe and comfortable to recieve a session from me. Weather that session is a massage service, a coaching session, some spiritual guidance or counseling, I’m there for them. I provide an all around mixture of physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual healing. I NEED to be so successful that I can freely give severely disabled veterans a chance for recovery. Your donations will help. Please consider sending. Even if it is $5, $10, $20, $100, or $1,000, I give you my word, it will go towards helping a disabled veteran receive a free service.

To donate use the Pay Pal Donate button on this site 

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Goddess of The Rose


Intensive Weekend Workshops coming!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Intensive weekend workshops for men, women and couples

You will learn how to better engage with the opposite sex.

You will learn how to give Spiritual sensual massages.

You will learn about chakras and how they affect your thinking, your decisions.

You will learn how to help yourself overcome pain and trauma from life experiences.

You will gain knowledge and understanding why you do what you do, and why your partner does what they do.

All workshop fees cover room and board. View The Space Between the Thorns

In Love and Light

Author Barbara Anne Rose




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Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

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In Love and Light

Barbara Anne Rose