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Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Spiritual Sensual massage intensive weekend workshop August 15-17.


There is still time to sign up for this amazing workshop that will enhance the relationship(s) you have with the your partner and the opposite sex.  

Sexual Intimacy workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance their relationships with their partner(s). In order to have a more loving intimate relationship with our partners we need to first recognize within us what we may be contributing that is potentially affecting our intimate relations. Sexuality and intimacy is more than sexual positions and eroticism.  

The Spiritual Sensual Massage Workshop is for anyone who wants to learn in depth on how to perform sensual massages. It is also for anyone who wants to learn on how to receive sensual massages. Being able to give a sensual massage is only half the game. Learning on how to receive one is just as important. This workshop is open to men, women and couples, heterosexual and gay. 


In this workshop you will learn:

The definition of Spiritual Sensual Massage 

How to give a sensual massage using massage strokes

How to touch the face in a non invasive way

How to touch genitals in non invasive way 

Male and female anatomy

How to pleasure the male and female anatomy

Learn about Chakras and why it is important in sensual massage

Learning awareness of self

Learning awareness of nature and how it can direct our path in life

Deal with stored trauma


Some of the ways I will do that are through:




Lessons taken from my book Angel Works 

Mind control exercises that will provide clarity and enhance sexual stamina

Body exercises that will prepare you for the massage

Body exercises for health and stamina 

Giving a spiritual sensual massage to a male and female volunteer

To sign up for this workshop, (in fact any workshop), go through 


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose 



Sensual Massage Workshop

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

New services new website is currently available to sign up and learn all about giving and receiving sensual massages.

Many of us have been ingrained to NOT honor our sensual sexual selves. In this workshop I will teach you how to break that barrier, causes that have effected this part of our lives and teach you using hands on practices giving sensual massage. Sensual massage is supposed to be a Spiritual experience, not a quick fix to a fleshy desire. Let me help you break through this backwards thinking.

Safe environment. Non denominational

Book Review

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

From Volney Steffire a FB friend reader


Dr. David Hawkins used to talk about a Level of Consciousness (LOC) scale. The written word could be measured using this scale. The first thing that I noticed about Barbara Anne Rose’s words was that they were vibrating at a very high frequency.

The frequency of written words comes from the frequency of the writer of the words, the intention at the time of the writing and the words themselves.

These words seemed to have been written by a radiant Goddess with a very loving intention. The level of vibration was palpable. One could meditate with these words.

The book has three layers. On one layer it is the author’s personal path of growth and healing. She discovers her voice and then her power. It will be an empowering story for some and a gratifying story for others on those terms. For those details buy the book. That is her story.

On another layer the book is about understanding one’s connection with the divine, both the divine within and the divine all around us. The author does a good job of explaining how religious beliefs and direct divine connection can be reconciled as being two aspects of the same thing. In her case her definition of the divine comes her Roman Catholic upbringing but her sense of connection comes from “the Spirit” within her and Spirit as another name for God.

I personally relate to mixing Roman Catholic terms with a non-dualist view of the divine. I first learned healing from an Ex-Roman Catholic Priest (Ron Roth) turned teacher of hands on healer. We referred to the Holy Spirit and asked the Holy Spirit to join with us. Another one of the many semantics for the divine both within us and all around us.

If one is comfortable with the non-dualist view that we can connect with “Spirit” and that we have a piece of Spirit within us and there are “Angels” around us maybe in human form or maybe in the hearts of others then the third layer of the book is very interesting. How do you really know what thoughts, desires or needs come from the physical, selfish self versus what comes from divinity?

On the surface this seems like it would be very easy to tell. Anything bad for someone else for no reason is not divine. How about good for someone else but not for you? There is a range of nuances covered.

Most healers that I know are sometimes double-checking whether what they feel is the right thing to do. Is it from the divine or not? Does this serve the client? But what if it does not serve me? Am I really channeling right now?

Barbara gets into these questions. Although the book is applicable to anyone comfortable with the non-dualist view of the divine, there is also a bit of a healthy, healer, heal thyself aspect. She shares a few of her mistakes as healer that occurred when she got confused as to the source of the insight.

I do have a couple of very loving words for the author. Barbara, I heard your voice. Thank you for sharing your truth, experience and wisdom so fearlessly Goddess.


Goddess Work

Monday, August 31st, 2009

There are many practitioners that do Goddess work. Mostly these are Tantra Practitioners. I myself  have expressed on my site that I am not a Tantra Practitioner, however this very special work that I do do is Goddess material. Please do understand that all my massages weather you are here for a Goddess Spirit Massage or Traditional Massage my spirit does shine through. The link to my other site is on my faqs page. The most important thing to remember within any massage service is to respect and honor the Practitioner and his or her work.  Also important is to have an open mind to the realms of the “unknown” for within the unknown lies answers. Search within the soul. Intellect and religion really do not carry very far in a persons spiritual journey. Live and Love to the best of your ability. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open for you. Keep your eyes and ears open to receive. It is in the subtleties of life where you can also find answers; such as in Nature: the stars, the sky, the animals.


Barbara Your Goddess of the Rose!