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Personal Coaching
Initial Consult 15 minutes FREE
Forty-Five minute session $80 includes book
Sixty minutes $95 includes book

Over the course of my life many have reached out to me as a listening ear for advice. I can be that inspiration for you to help you see things in a different light. I can help motivate you to do things you thought impossible; tapping into your inner most dreams, help you to master your destiny, help heal old wounds and past trauma. The way that I help you is through my natural intuitive abilities. I am a creative inspirational motivator. Personal coaching fee includes my book Angel Works. I believe it to be a very important tool that you can use at home in between sessions with me. 

Spiritual Healing can happen for you when you choose to use this service as a healing tool along with the massages I offer, my book Angel Works or later down the road incorporating massage. I am a Spiritual Healer through my hands, my body and voice.

Basic information I will need from you: 
1) What is the biggest obstacle you find troubling you? 
 How long have you been dealing with it? 
3) If you have done anything to help yourself so far, what is that? 
4) Honesty - I can not help you if you are not going to be brutally honest with me. One needs to be brutally honest with one's self before they can be honest with me. 

If you have suffered from any form of abuse be honest with me. It is important information to know. I personally know individuals who have been in therapy for years but they lacked informing their therapist this information. Working together with me by informing me of such is crucial to your recovery. Initial consult is used to gather information from you so I know how to best serve you and it is also for you in determining if I am the right fit for you. You will find I am different in the way I help. I have been told I am rare and unique. Being different, rare and unique is going to come across in all work I do. This is about helping you face fears and reach beyond them by going through them. Change, however scary it may be, is essential for growth to occur. 

Please respect my time when we are in a session that said time purchased is just that. The last 5 minutes I will polietly inform you session is about to expire. Some modalities I may use during a personal coaching session are the following: 

Breath work
Intuitive advice
Flute playing 
Burning White Sage  
Awareness Exercises

I accept Pay Pal payment via my donate button or you may call to make payment over phone. If seeing me in person payment is made up front before session starts. Email me through contact page if you have further questions. Please take the time to thoroughly read these services before contacting. I will not respond to questions regarding sexual services as I find this inappropriate. 

Voice Massage
Specialized for Men 
Forty-Five minutes $90
Sixty minutes $120

Spirit Voice Massage: This service allows me to give you a massage remotely utilizing my voice and energy hands. This is similar to remote viewing or distance healing. I am taking this to a whole new level. If you believe that you are a spiritual being living inside a human body then this spiritual being is able to go distances, to travel. It can go anywhere. In this service I focus my attention specifically on you. I will travel energitically to you. 

The Spirit within me will help heal you, blessing you in ways you could not imagine. To prepare yourself for this service you will need the alloted time choosen. You will need a quiet space away from others. Business phones, home phones and TV's should be turned off. It will require you laying down on your back either on a comfortable couch or bed. Because of the nature and the way I perform this service a land line or cell phone with unlimited minutes is best when performing Voice massage. Jewelry will need to be removed. Where comfortable clothes or nothing. (Don't be restricted with clothing.) Please do not smoke before during or immediately after session. Eyes closed. This service is not sexual. It may have a sensual componet within the work but there is no sexual percieved outcome.

Like Tantra, sex is not the goal. It is a journey, a dance, a weaving, a web and flow, kundalini energy. It is about being in the moment. Being aware, becoming aware and mindful. Flow as a river never knowing where the river will take you. Move like the wind not knowing when it will lift you up or drape you gently, sweetly with kisses. Be as the sun not knowing when the sun will parch your face or hide behind a cloud and then it suddenly appears brightly touching your body with it's heat. The rain may pour down and never touch you but you feel the wetness of it's life force within you and you can't understand what just happened. I, Goddess of The Rose, am the sun, the wind, the rain and I am the river.   


This is my first published work. A great gift to give yourself or a friend. Multi-Genre-Spirituality-Self Help-Overcoming Abuse-Individuals on their Spiritual path-Individuals searching for a path. Hard and soft cover books in stock. If you would like to purchase through me I will channel in the energy of individual receiving book before I sign it. This way the person receiving book will have not only the energy contained in book but also the energy from my being, my hands, Spirit, and any uplifting messages I receive. If interested in purchase email me through contact page. Packaging and shipping rates will apply.

Hard covers $34
Soft Covers $16
E-books $3.99 online in all English speaking languages

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tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware



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