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Please use this form to contact me. I usually respond to email as quickly as possible but it may take up to a day or so to get back to you, depending on my schedule. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!

By contacting me you agree to the following:

  • A thorough reading of my entire website; especially the FAQ page.
  • You oblige to send contact number in order to set appointment. Failure to do so will result prolonging contact to set appointment and or may result in deletion of your appointment request. 
  • An explanation of what intrigues you the most about setting up an appointment with me.
  • The understanding that my service is a spiritual experience incorporating sensuality in the form of divinity.
  • Do not ask inappropriate questions at anytime before, during or after session nor by any means through email or telephone communication.
  • Not to expect same day service
  • You understand Goddess session takes place on massage table the entire length of session; ie: client remains horizontal, no sitting on table unless I have specific work that would require me to have you sitting.

Contact Form

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please include the date and time. I will confirm with you via email or by phone.

Please Note

When purchasing sessions I now require all new clients to make a pre payment when scheduling a session. See Faqs page for more information.

I do my best to work with everyone but showing disrespect by plainly not showing up for your session is rude. I do my best to keep in touch with you to help avoid this situation. I have recently had clients ask me if I accept a pre-payment in order to block their time out for them. Since it came from a new client I thought best to go ahead and incorporate it into my guidelines.

Payment can be done through a credit card by calling it in to me. I never store this information. Payment is done via phone and I run card through while on phone with you. Receipt is given when you arrive at your appointment. This information will also be on my Faq's page.

Hours of availability:

  • Monday-Friday 9am - 7pm
  • Some Saturdays 11am - 4pm
  • Closed Sunday

* Depending upon your length of session will determine time for my last session of the day. Example: You want to schedule a 2 hr session in the evening. Appointment will be set at 7pm not 8pm. You want a 2.5 hr session appointment time will be 6:30pm not 8pm.


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tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware



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