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Tantric and Esalen style massage in DelawareAll Massages incorporate Esalen and Tantra techniques with a Spiritual Intuitive Touch. Outside of any studies with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin, what I have learned has come directly from SOURCE itself. Book knowledge can take someone only so far. But it is IN THE DOING and ongoing doing, one brings their expertise. For me, I've always had this special gift of touch. It's EASY for me to touch with love and care. It is the why and how my massages are done; very intuitively. I started professionally as a massage therapist in 2008 once I became certified. I furthered massage techniques by continuing my education to a licensed massage therapist. As I actively gave massages, time and time again my hands started doing THEIR OWN THING!! I noticed these hands of mine performing moves never done before and they felt like they were coming from a higher plane of existence. It is not something that can be described here on a webpage. This is something that one must receive in order to believe. It just is. It is as natural for me as it is as natural for you to take a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator and pour yourself a glass of milk!! 

My services are intended for mature adults seeking a higher awareness. Intensive Weekend Workshops on Sexuality/Intimacy, Relational Communication, and Divine Touch Massage classes. View www.thespacebetweenthethorns.com for more information regarding workshops. 

We are naturally sensual beings. Draping is always done with complete respect to the individual and according to client's comfort level. All sessions are for your expansion. My apologies for any confusion regarding services on this site verses Spirit Esalen massage on SpiritualHealingMassage site. So to avoid confusion I am changing what was once titled Full Body Spirit Massage to DIVINE TOUCH. My version of Tantra. Because Tantra touch is Divine Touch as we were born divine beings. Please review the following and understand that individuals who come to see me:

  1. Have an open mind and willing heart 
  2. Be open to new ways of thinking
  3. Desire to seek Knowledge
  4. Seek to expand their spirituality
  5. Seek to expand their sensuality
  6. Leave ego at the door
  7. Have respect for mankind 

Women's Divine Touch Massage

  • 1.5 hrs $275
  • 2 hrs $350
  • 2.5 hrs $425 - Several modalities included with session

A note for women who have been abused in their past or currently suffering abuse. I would like you to know YOUR voice is important to me. I suffered at the hands from my father sexual abuse, and from my ex husband. We may not have same experiences but we may have gone through similar feelings and emotions. The shame, anger, fear and resentment stemming from it. It is one of the reasons I wrote book, Angel Works. You too can thrive and prosper in all parts of your life. If at any time in our sessions together you need to voice yourself please do not hesitate to speak. I have had sessions, even with men, where they needed to talk. Speaking your voice can be healing in and of itself but in a safe space with someone who genuinely cares. I want you to know I truly care for you and your healing.  

Men's Divine Touch Massage

  • 1 hr $200
  • 1.5 hrs $275
  • 2  hrs $350
  • 2.5 hrs $425 - Several modalities included with session
  • 3  hrs $500- Several modalities included with session

Couples Divine Touch Massage - All couples sessions require a $200 deposit in order to book appointment 

  • 2 hrs $575
  • 2.5 hrs $650

In my couples sessions I currently work alone. Still very powerful!

Book For Sale

Angel Works by Barbara Anne Rose

This is my first published work. Makes a great gift anytime of the year. Hard and soft cover books in stock. If you would like to purchase directly through me I will channel individuals energy in who will be receiving book. Uplifting messages received will used when I sign book. Email through contact form. Packaging and shipping rates will apply.

Hard covers $34
Soft Covers $16
E-books $3.99 online in all English speaking languages www.balboapress.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Goddess Sessions


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Energy Hygiene

Included in 2.5 and 3hr service. Barbara's Spiritual gift is sight. It means that she is capable of seeing across the veil, seeing the truth. Everyone has a Spiritual gift but many do not know what that is or how to handle it. 

Love is a powerful healing force. Love is not romance. Love is Divine Love and can not be separated but it is the human that gets in the way which creates separateness. 

If you have interest in finding out more about all of this energy, divine love make an appointment with Barbara or purchase her book Angel Works. She has soft and hard covers in stock if you would like to purchase directly from her. She will personally sign it with a special message. 

Modalities incorporated into sessions help you experience a heightened awareness. Often in a session there are breathing techniques she can guide you through to help you move energy.

Modalities that may be used: scanning of inner and outer aura, sweeping-cleansing, drumming, sage burning, guided meditation, eye gazing, hug therapy, cuddling and personal/life coaching. 

Drumming & Sage:
A hand made American Indian drum is used as well as the burning of white sage (called smudging) to clear superficial negative energies off of you. Smudging and drumming are ancient powerful healing modalities that have been taught to Barbara from her Spiritual Teacher. Changes that occur are good for the soul. Some notice immediate results, others, later, on a more subtle level. Please read Testimony #40 as an example. 

Albert Einstein wrote:
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.  

Information about Barbara's Divine Touch (Tantra) Massage

She works with your body using long, flowing, caring strokes. Testimonies are real and true. I suggest reading them as this will help you have a better understanding of what you may experience. To most effectively recieve, is to remain in an active yet passive state.

Healing starts and ends with you. Because you are you and noone else, no two sessions are alike. Every human being has a Spirit within. Everyone has their own unique makeup. Every gentle sensation, every pleasurable stroke, will awaken your senses and cause unbelievable anticipation for the moment that is to come next. You will be brought to new levels of awareness as you sink deeply into an alpha state; yet being conscious of everything around you. Barbara will be with you every moment of your journey as your loyal guide and confidant.

Just as the musical instrument is to the musician, the clay to the sculptor, the canvas to the artist, so the body is to Barbara. Your body she sculpts and molds. She is able to become one with the music which allows her hands to glide and stroke your body with ease. As you surrender under her wing the energy within you has no choice but to move. If you are closed and uptight, energy has a harder time moving through in order to help you feel at a deeper level. As long as you don't give up on yourself this process is worthwhile for change to happen. 

There are seven major Chakras which lie from the root (base of spine) to your Crown (top of your head). As I perform my work your Chakras are being purified, cleansed, and balanced. I may lead you through a visualization process that takes your focus back and forth from the Root to the Throat Chakra (5th Chakra). At Your Third Eye also known as Ajna, Mind's Eye/Spirit Eye (6th Chakra) which is located in the center of your forehead I ask you to create a special place. Answers to questions which lie within your being may be answered during this process.


Couples Divine Touch (Tantra) Class

With Both parties-Husband/Wife or Boyfriend/Girlfriend - No Massage on me
2 hrs $250

If single or am hesitant having other party involved - You massage me what I teach you.
2 hrs $350

To receive the most information on how to learn Divine Touch Massage, I strongly suggest signing up for a weekned retreat. Click here for further infomation. This retreat is for couples ONLY- this means two people weather you are a married couple, boyfriend/girlfirend, or just friends who have a special connection :) 

The reason for incresed fee is because you the student are massaging me. Basically it is you learning how to worship a woman. Everything is sacred. If at any time there is disrespect for me, your Goddess/Healer/Coach, session will be immediately terminated! Payment is expected upfront before session begins. Your eagerness and sincerity to learn are paramount in order for session to process professionally.

My Couples Massage Class is for anyone interested in learning how to perform massage on your partner in a sensual way. This is not a sexual service. This class is in a setting which will allows you to voice yourself to me and your partner any issues you feel are going on that you seek guidance for. In my classes my undivided attention is yours. I offer you a sacred place to express your thoughts, desires, and wants. Check out my Couples Relationship Coaching I also have as an option to help you in your relationship. 

Discreetness and confidentiality are very important. Information shared by one party is never shared with another. Setting is informal but structured. This class is for individuals who are interested in learning about giving each other a sensual massage. It is a class that can enhance your sensuality and sexuality. Barbara will help teach you how to bring your energies back and forth from the lower Chakras to your higher Chakras. Once you learn how to tap into your energies you can have Full Body orgasms. I stress this is not a sexual service. Allow this service to be a spiritual awakening for the two of you. One thing that women generally want from their man is an emotional connection. What men generally want and need is to know how to please their woman!

You will be taught:

Basic Massage Strokes

  • How to use light, medium and heavier pressure
  • How to use your forearms in massage
  • How to gently touch your partner's head, hands, fingers, feet and toes
  • How to use body to body contact
  • How to bring your partner's energy up and down the body
  • How to Visualize

How you will benefit:

  • Closer bond with partner
  • You will learn more about yourself
  • You will learn more about your partner
  • Awareness of senses

When each of you are able to learn and have this within yourself, then once the two of you come together (at home) the union between your souls can ignite like wild fire!! Women generally are able to learn quicker because we are intuitive beings by nature. Men are eager to learn because they enjoy pleasing their woman. Patience with yourself and your partner are crucial. Barbara will do her best to help you in this process. 

Massage Class takes place at Barbara's location on a professional massage table. If you would like to use your favorite scent please bring it with you. Lit candles or incense burned and soothing music is played to enhance mood.

Lets make your world a better place. Are you ready?

Barbara accepts Cash, Pay Pal and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) No checks



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tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware



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